Kelly – Type of a scam Fake Invoice/Supplier Bill Requesting payment of $1470.00 for what appears to be some sort of international registration of trademarks.


Isaac – Victim Location 76133 Total money lost $100 Type of a scam Tech Support a message appeared on my screen saying to call a number immediately and to not do anything else on the computer because its been compromised. I was skeptical about certain things that they said and asked a lot of questions …

ITZ Read More »


David – Victim Location 33432 Total money lost $250 Type of a scam Yellow Pages/Directories Man going by the name of Terence Hibbert came into my store in person. He was in his early 70’s, looked trusting. He sold advertisement in a small directory mailer. He used the name Ikonos Pocket Directory. I’m sure he …



Virginia – Victim Location 49034 Type of a scam Tax Collection They called me telling me that I was audited but the irs and that if i didnt pay a 1000.00 or the that the IRS was going to send out a warrant for the police to come arrest me for fradulate IRS filing. They …


Iconic Brilliance

Grace – Victim Location 46280 Total money lost $2,000 Type of a scam Counterfeit Product I truly feel compelled to share my story with all I can. With that said…I have known the owner of this business and her husband since high school. I considered them to be great friends, so it saddens me that …

Iconic Brilliance Read More »

IM Consultants

Michele – Victim Location 36117 Total money lost $3,000 Type of a scam Employment College students seeking marketing business internships are hired and offered a position described in the attached offer letter. The students are told during interviews that their salary will be $300-$350/week. There is no mention during the hiring or offer process that …

IM Consultants Read More »

Imposter – Humana

Nikki – Victim Location 53597 Type of a scam Healthcare/Medicaid/Medicare I received a phone call from 888-635-4744. I didn’t answer it but the scammer identified themselves on the voicemail as a representative from Humana, and that they were calling with "important plan information." They left a "unique 7 digit code that I should use when …

Imposter – Humana Read More »

IP Data

Matthew – Victim Location 83715 Type of a scam Fake Invoice/Supplier Bill Company has over 250 employees. The invoice came from IP Data, with an address to the Czech Republic. It ordered business to pay for trademark protection internationally. There was no phone number or contact information other than the return address.

IRS Federal Investigation

Preston – Victim Location 89436 Type of a scam Tax Collection He called saying that I was in a Federal Investigation for the IRS. I asked for information first and then I asked for someone that I could understand also. He said why can’t you understand me, I told him because of his accent and …

IRS Federal Investigation Read More »

I.R.S./ Internal Revenue Service

Frederick – Victim Location 92883 Type of a scam Debt Collections I had a phone message from supposed I.R.S. rea final notice and that they are going to file a lawsuit against me. The name appeared as Jim Watson (right). The call back number is 202-239-8365. They left the message on 10-5-16 at 1:56 p.m.. …

I.R.S./ Internal Revenue Service Read More »

IRS Investagation unit

Kaitlin – Victim Location 35208 Type of a scam Tax Collection I received a call 3 times back to back at around 9 am I have 2 voicemails saying that there 4 serious charges against and that I have 24 hours to respond or the local cops would arrest me . I knew it was …

IRS Investagation unit Read More »


Raul – Victim Location 44718 Type of a scam Employment Approach through text message , then ask to download google hangouts. And went through a text message interview. Sent some information about the company but the website seems kinda fishy

IT Tech Squad

Jon – Victim Location 31326 Type of a scam Tech Support A Google search on soil popped up as a error and said to contact the 855*** number. We called and a man named Danny Hawk answered and claimed he needed our laptop turned on so he could find issue and fix. Then I have …

IT Tech Squad Read More »

Caitlin – Type of a scam Advance Fee Loan Applied for a loan few days ago. Today I get a call from an anonymous number saying i was approved for a 10K loan from Imperial Lending Group. But I would have to provide a security fund in order to get the loan. I looked up … Read More »

IRS / US Government

Barry – Victim Location 46516 Type of a scam Other This robot message has been calling me for weeks. I’ve never called back or talked to anyone. However, it’s a threatening message saying that I have committed tax Fraud and they have been trying to get ahold of me. Since I haven’t responded the message …

IRS / US Government Read More »

IRS major crimes

Bobby – Victim Location 70433 Type of a scam Tax Collection I got a call from a machine, even though I answered. Call us, the IRS has 4 major crimes against you. Blah blah blah… I know I do not. Be careful, I did not call the number back, but god only knows what they …

IRS major crimes Read More »

Imposter Nexway Econosupport

Erik – Victim Location 53186 Total money lost $299 Type of a scam Phishing My laptop computer froze on 11/9/2018 and I got a full page, red ,urgent alert screen message to contact the Microsoft phone # listed on my screen. I called this number and got Econosupport , and the person gave me ‘information’ …

Imposter Nexway Econosupport Read More »

Immortal Nitro/True Muscle

Kendra – Victim Location 46140 Type of a scam Other I originally signed up for a free sample of the supplement called headlock. I also agreed to a free sample of a muscle builder form of headlock. I paid shipping and received the samples in about a week time. After another 2 weeks I received …

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Alexander – Total money lost $650 Type of a scam Online Purchase These people offers to sell cheap products for IGG games like accounts, gems, resources. They are all fake. Once you make the payment, they will just disappear and you will not get any feedback from them. they accept payments through money gram and …

IGG-Garant Read More »

ING Rewards

Hannah – Victim Location 93033 Type of a scam Travel/Vacations This scammer call , called me to take a survey then after the survey they said that I was intittled to a weekly stay in hotel in Vegas for 3 -4 days . But then after she mentioned that it’s was a special offer at …

ING Rewards Read More »

IZaberi Auto Consignment

Jordan – Victim Location 57104 Type of a scam Other They contacted us back.. saying that the Trailer was at a Consignment Company. They sent us the link for the consignment company site. We went on, registered with them to say we were interested in purchasing the unit. You have 24 – 48 hours to …

IZaberi Auto Consignment Read More »

IRS (Who they claim to be)

Lance – Victim Location 35613 Type of a scam Tax Collection Received a phone call and voicemail from someone claiming to be from the IRS who was seeking to file a lawsuit against me. To call them back at 202-650-8155.

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