J S Siberian Huskies

Douglas – Victim Location 97759 Type of a scam Other I was going to purchase two Siberian Husky puppies. This person was going to ship them to me, and tried to take my money through a Walmart Money Gram before I knew any of the airport details or anything about when they would ship. Thank …

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Jared – Victim Location 90064 Type of a scam Rental Company JF REALTY INC – acting as an escrow (working under license # of a different JF REALTY INC. FRAHM & ASSOCIATES) company seeking to obtain Time Share certificate of vacation rental. My scenario: received initial call from Home Acres Real Estate "acting real estate …


JOSCO Energy

Jon – Victim Location 13219 Type of a scam Utility I kept getting calls listed as "NYS 215.6839." I was unsure as to whether a NYS office was trying to reach me so I called back – if, for nothing else, to find out what they wanted and to stop the calls, which were coming …

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James C*****

Garrett – Victim Location 85234 Type of a scam Tax Collection I received a phone call from a recording (that repeats itself) from a "James C***". The message did not state my name, but did state that I was part of a "enforcement action" by the US Treasury for money that I owe. The phone …

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Amy – Victim Location 32578 Type of a scam Debt Collections Was called by this company saying I owed thousands of dollars that I never even took out from Advance Payday loan. Looked everywhere no such company exist in orlando, fl.

James Comey F B I

Lisa – Victim Location 71225 Type of a scam Sweepstakes/Lottery/Prizes The scam was emailed to me.It states that i should send $135.00 to claim a lottery prize.I saved a copy of it to my reading list.I do not know how to attach it.Thank you.

Jackson Lynn

Derrick – Victim Location 85022 Type of a scam Sweepstakes/Lottery/Prizes Foreign sounding individual tried to get me to say "yes". Said he was from the unclaimed winnings of Publishing Clearing House.

James Ramirez

Devin – Victim Location 71201 Total money lost $210 Type of a scam Counterfeit Product This James Ramirez guy told me he was a breeder and he wanted his puppies to go to a good home. On the day of shipment and after messaging him through text and Facebook messenger I sent him a western …

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James Johnson Attorney

Jenny – Victim Location 32507 Type of a scam Family/Friend Emergency Received a call from someone claiming to be my oldest grandson & indicated that he had been in an accident & was in jail for a dui. . They called be by my last name & provided case # season charles 71652018. A few …

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Nancy – Victim Location 45102 Total money lost $900 Type of a scam Home Improvement TOOK OUR MONEY FOR HOME IMPROVEMENT & NEVER RETURNED TO DO WORK.

James Woeller Agent James

Karen – Victim Location 90024 Type of a scam Government Grant I got a message from a longtime friend She had got a government grant of 50 thousend arranged by Agent James Then Agent Kamed contacted me through messanger I suspected a scam and stopped it there

Janet Angus Tavizon

Robert – Victim Location 20852 Total money lost $14,530 Type of a scam Advance Fee Loan In June 2018, I was sent a text message from Janet Angus Tavizon suddenly by telling me that David Maier (A loan scammer lives in TX) is a bad guy who scams a lot of money from target man …

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James M. Cathron

Barry – Victim Location 28645 Total money lost $840 Type of a scam Travel/Vacations Found a beach house on Craigslist, filled out everything that needed to be done.. Waited a couple he gave us numbers to call and everything so we paid and got a conformation andbhe was also supposed to send the address which …

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Jack Austin – IRS officer

Ryan – Victim Location 45135 Type of a scam Tax Collection Phone number 631-593-4517 called me this morning and said that I was audited by the IRS and owed $8720 but could not pay with debit or check only cash. When I questioned them they hung up on me. I called backed and spoke with …

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James walton

Heather – Victim Location 43228 Type of a scam Fake Check/Money Order I received an email regarding a job position and I received a check .

James Caston, U.S. Treasury

Janet – Victim Location 31204 Type of a scam Tax Collection Telephone voice mail left on *** directing me to call telephone number listed above: "My name is James Caston and I’m calling regarding an enforcement action. Executed by the US treasury intending your serious attention. Ignoring this will be an intentional attempt to avoid …

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James Thomas

Andrew – Victim Location 78154 Type of a scam Employment *the person is always out of town and unavailable *there are always grammar errors, spelling errors, and odd vocabulary choices (he even misspelled the email domain) *they are always willing to pay a high rate for services, no questions asked I was aware that this …

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Jackson litigation

Katherine – Victim Location 60108 Type of a scam Debt Collections We were contacted by what appeared to be the local circuit clerk who stated if we didn’t call back by 8pm on the same day a warrant would be issued for an arrest. They proceeded to give us the above listed 888 number to …

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Jennifer mclelland

Micheal – Victim Location 28540 Type of a scam Employment Person used me as a shipping agent stating that I would get paid after 30 days. 30 days came and suddenly they needed to hold the payment for 24 hours that turned to 72 hours. Today she emailed stating I would get paid today but …

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Jaime Veliz

Taylor – Victim Location 01420 Type of a scam Fake Check/Money Order Randomly received a large first class mail envelope with only a check for $2,370.75 The check looks fake no bank info except for Wells Fargo bank N.A The signature on the check did not match the name on the check

Jason Watson

Stephen – Victim Location 06066 Type of a scam Phishing I posted my car for sale online. I was contacted by phone call and then by text. I was asked to purchase a vehicle background check from a specific site, then email a specific email address.


Bryan – Victim Location 63701 Type of a scam Phishing Asked us to use a specific website for history check. Texted from a different number and it’s clearly a bot. Different number, said "saw your car for sale online" when no cars were mentioned.

Jenna Cummings

Pedro – Victim Location 06403 Type of a scam Phishing I received a voicemail from the phone number 339-220-3387. It sounded like a real person left the message. "Hello This is Jenna Cummings, My ID number is 621. This is regarding important information about your student loan. The reference number is 62***, so please have …

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Jessica & Brian

Christine – Victim Location 30066 Type of a scam Online Purchase They claimed to have a corgi puppy looking for a new home. They sent a lot of photos and videos to make it look like a legit deal. What through me off was she claimed she was gonna use a pet air to fly …

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Jane Ann Howard

Miranda – Victim Location 56098 Type of a scam Government Grant Hacked a friend’s account. Wanted $3200 upfront for$150000

John Allen Davis

Evan – Victim Location 33186 Total money lost $1,500 Type of a scam Romance Met this person on line, he promised to give me monies but I had to buy first a Onevanilla card for $***, Then to get me $***, I need to give him 2 amazon *** gift card cash. This happened 6 …

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Jason O’Conner/ Brandon White

Bridget – Victim Location 68137 Type of a scam Tax Collection Left message with phone number to call with issues. 315-704-1376. They told him he was going to be arrested.

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