A Guidance On How To FaceTime On Android

Advanced technology is bringing us close. Now we are not only connected over phone calls or messages, but we can also see each other. Who doesn’t like to see their loved ones? For this reason, apple launched FaceTime a few years back, and this trending app is now accessible to everyone. Anyone with an Android device can use FaceTime.

When you have got the chance to see your loved ones over this fancy app, why should you step back? Well, let us go deep and understand how to facetime on android.

Requirements for FaceTime

First, you need to know if the device is fit for FaceTime. It has become a real trend. You will be very happy to know that by fulfilling these few requirements, you can also FaceTime, just like any Apple user. So, check whether you have the following things:

  • Android device

Not only an Android device, but you also need the latest version of the device. Your device’s software should be updated to the latest version to support FaceTime.

  • Internet connection

Internet is a must for FaceTime; without the internet, you cannot even access FaceTime. First, proper internet coverage is required to reach out to your loved one who is living far kilometres away from you.

  • App or website 

All you need to FaceTime with your favourite person is – you need to have the application of FaceTime. You can download the app from Google PlayStore. You can also go to the website using a link and join FaceTime with friends or family.

Join the FaceTime on Android

Once you have the app or link for FaceTime, all you need to do is a single tap. Any Android user can use a link to join FaceTime. Do you want to know how to facetime on android? Then you should follow these few steps:

  • Name

The very first thing you need to do after tapping on the link is types your right name. With the reference of the link, you can join the group. Whatever name you type, the other participants can see that.

  • Give permission

The next thing is very important. Since FaceTime is all about video calling. So it would help if you permitted FaceTime for using the Android device’s microphone and camera. Just click on the allow button and permit accessing audio and video.

  • Join

If you are joining with the help of a link, then you need to wait until the host lets you in. This situation may vary from one FaceTime group to another. You have to click on the button to join and wait until someone accepts the request from the other side. Then you can join.

Learn what to do on FaceTime

This video calling is going to be very memorable since you will be able to see all your friends and family in front of you. FaceTime sessions have become a common trend; you can be a part of it too with your Android device. All you need to do is follow these few steps:

  • Set the microphone

For speaking to others, first, you need to set the microphone properly. When you join FaceTime, the microphone should be connected. Utilise the microphone button. This button can mute your mic or turn it on. So, speak accordingly and check if the mic is on before speaking.

  • Set the camera

At the bottom, you will notice the camera button. It exactly looks like the camera’s small version, but it can help you to turn on the camera or switch it off. At the bottom of the screen, you will find a small logo with two arrows so that you can use these buttons to enlarge the small meeting to the whole screen.

  • Check the Participants

You can also go to the menu and check how many participants are in your face time session. You can see their name mentioned.

  • Leave button

Once your turn off FaceTime, you can go to leave, but to turn off the FaceTime.

FaceTime has become very trendy because it brings us together. What will you do when your loved ones are away from well? The answer is very simple, just FaceTime. It is just similar to talking to a person sitting next to you. Now that you know how to facetime on android, Send your love to your friends and family with the help of FaceTime.

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