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Regina – Victim Location 23707 Type of a scam Online Purchase Found website for buying cars ( was the site and company name) and called to get a quote. He asked for basic information on the vehicle, got address and said he would send someone out shortly. Asked me to send the vehicle VIN number … Read More »




he has a business with cars

Kelsey – Victim Location 65809 Total money lost $16,000 Type of a scam Romance I had been on this dating site which is and the guy i met states that he is captured by the rebels in nigeria and he is staying there and needs money. Well $10,000 and $16,000 to credit consumer counseling …

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Extreme Cars and Trucks

Anne – Victim Location 71203 Total money lost $9,487.85 Type of a scam Other I was sold a vehicle form Extreme Cars and Trucks that was inoperable after "repairs" were made to the vehicle. I was also charged more for the vehicle than what it was listed for online and only realized when I got …

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eCarsMTM Traders

Ronnie – Jul 07, 2020 Victim Location 30024 Type of a scam Online Purchase There was a car listed online I inquired about. It was weeks until I got a response which then sent me to the attached website. The website wanted my shipping address and then stated they would send an invoice and ship …

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Susan – Jun 19, 2020 Victim Location 48504 Total money lost $7,170 Type of a scam Online Purchase We talked with them for several weeks, looked online and read reviews, read the guarantees they promised. It seemed legit. $7,200 later the item never came and they stopped responding. Nobody can help. Were just out. Amanda …

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EQuickCars llc

Heidi – Jun 18, 2020 Victim Location 32940 Total money lost $6,000 Type of a scam Online Purchase This company is selling cars , the pngage looks very legit and went you looks for reviews in other forums are good, the use a scroll company name is logistics service dpj llc name of the agent …

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Luxury Edition Cars

David – Aug 31, 2020 Victim Location 61530 Type of a scam Romance A guy using the name 1948ukcarguy who claimed he was from a town of 300 people in southern Indiana, said this was his business. He said he inherited it from his Dad who died at the age of 110. He had a …

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Don’s Cars Pawn Actions

Chase – Victim Location 31052 Total money lost $28,400 Type of a scam Online Purchase **Please see attached** Transcribed below: Went on website and was looking for old cars to purchase. This company had one interested in and we negotiated back and forth about said car. 1970 Chevy Chevell and came up price for vehicle …

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Donald Carson

Terrance – Victim Location 59804 Type of a scam Credit Cards I am a fishing outfitter in Montana and I got an email inquiry from what I thought was a potential customer. They identified themselves as being from outside the US. At first, the inquiry was similar to actual authentic inquiries that I have gotten …

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Certified clean cars

Trevor – Victim Location 85031 Total money lost $490 Type of a scam Phishing They tell you 500 down when I went in there they didn’t even let me choose the car they chose it for me and when I test drove it there was no problems with it so right then I didn’t think …

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CCClassic Cars and transport

Cory – Victim Location 83837 Total money lost $21,947 Type of a scam Online Purchase I wanted to purchase a 1971 big block corvette for my husband who has had a cancer operation. I live in Hervey Bay, Queensland, Australia, though on this scam report there is no place for an Australian address. I saw …

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Jamie – Victim Location 83837 Type of a scam Online Purchase He is still using this site catch them somehow peter Russo read his name from scamguard. I just talked to him today


Rosa – Victim Location 60431 Total money lost $149 Type of a scam Online Purchase Ordered a 12v mercedes ride on car for my kids. Most places have it for over $300. This newly built website advertised a limited promotion for $149. Card was charged. Website says 1 to 3 days to process and ship. …

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Kaitlin – Victim Location 29073 Total money lost $50 Type of a scam Employment Promise to find you a driving job after you pay a membership fee. Please avoid this scam because they will not find you a job. They will blame it on the companies not contacting you but there are no compaines. False … Read More »

Carson Lee Law firm

Gina – Victim Location 30813 Type of a scam Debt Collections Law firm called stating they were going to serve me papers. My social security # crossed there desk, and want to serve papers on letter of intent. Allen Page is the courier.

Cars extend warranty

Marvin – Victim Location 37365 Type of a scam Phishing Wanting me to extend my vehicles extended warranty. Dana – Victim Location 37365 Type of a scam Phishing Wanting me to extend my vehicles extended warranty.

Cars inc

Erika – Victim Location 80226 Total money lost $8,000 Type of a scam Employment This company will Hire new drivers aND promise them good pay, days off bonuses, etc. I worked for 3 months. I had a few days off per month. Not once was I paid on time, always had to ask, and since …

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Carson Lee and Associates

Derrick – Victim Location 76436 Type of a scam Debt Collections Initial contact was through the telephone. Phone number is 214-227-2718. From the accent, was middle eastern. From the phone number telling me the call was coming from Texas, I assumed this was the third party. She informed me that there was a bond against …

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Cars for sale

Seth – Victim Location 65803 Type of a scam Counterfeit Product They are posting cars for sale that belong to individuals. That aren’t selling their cars.


Priscilla – Victim Location 60048 Type of a scam Fake Invoice/Supplier Bill Their mail notifications are a solicitation to purchase a vehicle extended warranty, but they are worded to make it seem like a payment or response was delayed, confusing my (senior citizen) to think she missed a payment. They impose ‘deadlines’ and make imposing …

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Classic Cars For Sale

Christy – Victim Location 07104 Type of a scam Counterfeit Product My vehicle was sold through ebay and craigslist and is no longer available. Somehow they stole my listing as their own. Put a much lower price, and now I receive numerous harassing calls about this fake listing.

C & C Classic Cars & Transport

Benjamin – Victim Location 91913 Type of a scam Counterfeit Product C & C Classic Cars & Transportation is not a legitimate business. The seller, Peter Rosso, offers classis automobiles for sale but, in fact, he does not own any vehicles and has set up a false store front hoping to dupe people into sending …

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Melanie – Victim Location 85340 Total money lost $23,500 Type of a scam Online Purchase is a host for hundreds if not thousands of fraudulent dealer, and for sale by owner ads. I found just this past week of 6-20 2016 3 dealerships advertising on their site that after checking with 3 different city, … Read More »

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