Certified clean cars

Trevor –

Victim Location 85031

Total money lost $490

Type of a scam Phishing

They tell you 500 down when I went in there they didn’t even let me choose the car they chose it for me and when I test drove it there was no problems with it so right then I didn’t think anything was wrong the 500 went to 2000 down and they claimed it was because I had a repo on my credit and that I would need to go in the following day with another 500 and then a couple days later with another 500 and a couple days later there was another 500 to make my down payment the next day when I drove the car away the check engine light came on the brake light came on when I turn the heater on it makes a knocking sound and then all of a sudden when I went to start the car it wouldn’t start so I’d have to have somebody jump me just to have the car start when I contacted them and let them know they said there was nothing that they could do because it was fine when I left the lot and I told him well I’m in the Lemon Law and I’m looking 15 days I want my money back be that I believe they just reset the computer to make those go away they refused to get my money back they said they were charging me $0.35 per mile plus the insurance was 265 and I wasn’t getting a refund on that I walked away when I return the car with a check for 245 and they said the insurance company would send the rest the thing with this company is when I left a lot they didn’t give me any paperwork at all on the car except for a temporary registration that is all when I went and took the car back the only paperwork they gave me was the cancellation of the insurance and then they threatened through several text messages they were going to call the car in stolen if I didn’t return it I breach the contract I didn’t breach any contract these guys are scam artists and they scam people for money and they sell bad cars and I’m suggesting nobody go to these people and they be turned in because what they’re doing to people is wrong

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