Carson Lee and Associates

Derrick –

Victim Location 76436

Type of a scam Debt Collections

Initial contact was through the telephone. Phone number is 214-227-2718. From the accent, was middle eastern. From the phone number telling me the call was coming from Texas, I assumed this was the third party. She informed me that there was a bond against me, that I was being officially notified, etc. Told on answering machine to contact 844-371-3949. Gave a case file number.

This has been done to me before. First time was in 2012, they said the sheriff was coming and everything. I was alarmed! Looked up the number online, though, and was all over the internet as a scam. So I hung up. So this time I wasn’t alarmed. So I called the 844 number and immediately asked the receptionist the company name and their physical address. From the background noise it sounded like a call center. I gave her the case number and she connected me with a man. They told me I had a credit card closed in 2009 with a 5 grand negative balance. Of course that wasn’t true, I watch my credit and such like a hawk, so I knew better. As I was talking with them, I was double checking the number and address online. Of course no match. I asked the man the same questions. What company and what physical address. He didn’t know the address of his "company". I stopped fishing for info about then, and told him I’d already informed the authorities and that I knew he was a scammer. He hung up immediately at that point. Bottom line, multiple people involved, over at least two states.

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