Regina –

Victim Location 23707

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Found website for buying cars (junkcars.com was the site and company name) and called to get a quote. He asked for basic information on the vehicle, got address and said he would send someone out shortly. Asked me to send the vehicle VIN number through text on a different phone number (8185339191), so I did. Followed up by asking for pictures and video of my vehicle driving and a photo of my license. Text messages were also all written in poor grammar. The email he sent to me for the pictures ended up being a gmail account and had a different company logo on it ([email protected]). I told him it seemed unofficial/ I was uncomfortable with sending that information and I was no longer interested but thank you anyways. He got defensive about the companies “credibility” and proceeded to call me on a third phone number (8183948394). I didn’t recognize it so I answered it and it was hector again asking me to send the information. This time he said a different company name (we buy cars) and when I said we decided to go in another direction he asked who the company was and demanded to know what they were offering. I replied that it was just a local company and It didn’t matter what they were offering, and he hung up on me.

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