Beth –

Victim Location 83254

Total money lost $666

Type of a scam Tech Support

A window popped up on computer and a voice came on saying there was a fraud alert and to call. I couldnt get rid of the alert, or go anywhere else on the computer. I called and the guy said I had made a purchase online that caused a fraud alert.

I asked if this was a scam and he said no and he showed a picture of himself live talking to me. He offered firewall protection and cleared my computer. He offered me various packages of security and I chose lifetime coverage. He gave me contact info and everything seemed legit. He signed my name to the credit card I gave him and said it should take care of problem.

A few hours later a guy called to see if my computer is back on and working. He said I would get more calls to make sure it’s all working. A few days later a lady called to make sure it was ok and gave me a number if I had more problems.

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