JW inc

Levi – Victim Location 89512 Type of a scam Debt Collections Keeps harassing about owing money to a cosmetology school but they have no recollection of who this person or company is, he harrasss all of my family and my job. As well as receive mail but the letters are typed from a type writer …

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Johnathan – Victim Location 31768 Total money lost $1,285 Type of a scam Fake Invoice/Supplier Bill we initiated contact via marypuppins-englishbulldogs.net. we inquired about Elton a puppy. we were told it would be $580 for the puppy and this included shipping. we payed this amount via money gram. we later received an email telling the …


J S Siberian Huskies

Douglas – Victim Location 97759 Type of a scam Other I was going to purchase two Siberian Husky puppies. This person was going to ship them to me, and tried to take my money through a Walmart Money Gram before I knew any of the airport details or anything about when they would ship. Thank …

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Jared – Victim Location 90064 Type of a scam Rental Company JF REALTY INC – acting as an escrow (working under license # of a different JF REALTY INC. FRAHM & ASSOCIATES) company seeking to obtain Time Share certificate of vacation rental. My scenario: received initial call from Home Acres Real Estate "acting real estate …


JOSCO Energy

Jon – Victim Location 13219 Type of a scam Utility I kept getting calls listed as "NYS 215.6839." I was unsure as to whether a NYS office was trying to reach me so I called back – if, for nothing else, to find out what they wanted and to stop the calls, which were coming …

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James C*****

Garrett – Victim Location 85234 Type of a scam Tax Collection I received a phone call from a recording (that repeats itself) from a "James C***". The message did not state my name, but did state that I was part of a "enforcement action" by the US Treasury for money that I owe. The phone …

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Amy – Victim Location 32578 Type of a scam Debt Collections Was called by this company saying I owed thousands of dollars that I never even took out from Advance Payday loan. Looked everywhere no such company exist in orlando, fl.

James Comey F B I

Lisa – Victim Location 71225 Type of a scam Sweepstakes/Lottery/Prizes The scam was emailed to me.It states that i should send $135.00 to claim a lottery prize.I saved a copy of it to my reading list.I do not know how to attach it.Thank you.

Jackson Lynn

Derrick – Victim Location 85022 Type of a scam Sweepstakes/Lottery/Prizes Foreign sounding individual tried to get me to say "yes". Said he was from the unclaimed winnings of Publishing Clearing House.

James Ramirez

Devin – Victim Location 71201 Total money lost $210 Type of a scam Counterfeit Product This James Ramirez guy told me he was a breeder and he wanted his puppies to go to a good home. On the day of shipment and after messaging him through text and Facebook messenger I sent him a western …

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James Johnson Attorney

Jenny – Victim Location 32507 Type of a scam Family/Friend Emergency Received a call from someone claiming to be my oldest grandson & indicated that he had been in an accident & was in jail for a dui. . They called be by my last name & provided case # season charles 71652018. A few …

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Nancy – Victim Location 45102 Total money lost $900 Type of a scam Home Improvement TOOK OUR MONEY FOR HOME IMPROVEMENT & NEVER RETURNED TO DO WORK.

James Woeller Agent James

Karen – Victim Location 90024 Type of a scam Government Grant I got a message from a longtime friend She had got a government grant of 50 thousend arranged by Agent James Then Agent Kamed contacted me through messanger I suspected a scam and stopped it there

Janet Angus Tavizon

Robert – Victim Location 20852 Total money lost $14,530 Type of a scam Advance Fee Loan In June 2018, I was sent a text message from Janet Angus Tavizon suddenly by telling me that David Maier (A loan scammer lives in TX) is a bad guy who scams a lot of money from target man …

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James M. Cathron

Barry – Victim Location 28645 Total money lost $840 Type of a scam Travel/Vacations Found a beach house on Craigslist, filled out everything that needed to be done.. Waited a couple he gave us numbers to call and everything so we paid and got a conformation andbhe was also supposed to send the address which …

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Jack Austin – IRS officer

Ryan – Victim Location 45135 Type of a scam Tax Collection Phone number 631-593-4517 called me this morning and said that I was audited by the IRS and owed $8720 but could not pay with debit or check only cash. When I questioned them they hung up on me. I called backed and spoke with …

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James walton

Heather – Victim Location 43228 Type of a scam Fake Check/Money Order I received an email regarding a job position and I received a check .

James Caston, U.S. Treasury

Janet – Victim Location 31204 Type of a scam Tax Collection Telephone voice mail left on *** directing me to call telephone number listed above: "My name is James Caston and I’m calling regarding an enforcement action. Executed by the US treasury intending your serious attention. Ignoring this will be an intentional attempt to avoid …

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James Thomas

Andrew – Victim Location 78154 Type of a scam Employment *the person is always out of town and unavailable *there are always grammar errors, spelling errors, and odd vocabulary choices (he even misspelled the email domain) *they are always willing to pay a high rate for services, no questions asked I was aware that this …

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Jackson litigation

Katherine – Victim Location 60108 Type of a scam Debt Collections We were contacted by what appeared to be the local circuit clerk who stated if we didn’t call back by 8pm on the same day a warrant would be issued for an arrest. They proceeded to give us the above listed 888 number to …

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Jennifer mclelland

Micheal – Victim Location 28540 Type of a scam Employment Person used me as a shipping agent stating that I would get paid after 30 days. 30 days came and suddenly they needed to hold the payment for 24 hours that turned to 72 hours. Today she emailed stating I would get paid today but …

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Jaime Veliz

Taylor – Victim Location 01420 Type of a scam Fake Check/Money Order Randomly received a large first class mail envelope with only a check for $2,370.75 The check looks fake no bank info except for Wells Fargo bank N.A The signature on the check did not match the name on the check

Jason Watson

Stephen – Victim Location 06066 Type of a scam Phishing I posted my car for sale online. I was contacted by phone call and then by text. I was asked to purchase a vehicle background check from a specific site, then email a specific email address.


Bryan – Victim Location 63701 Type of a scam Phishing Asked us to use a specific website for history check. Texted from a different number and it’s clearly a bot. Different number, said "saw your car for sale online" when no cars were mentioned.

Jenna Cummings

Pedro – Victim Location 06403 Type of a scam Phishing I received a voicemail from the phone number 339-220-3387. It sounded like a real person left the message. "Hello This is Jenna Cummings, My ID number is 621. This is regarding important information about your student loan. The reference number is 62***, so please have …

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Jessica & Brian

Christine – Victim Location 30066 Type of a scam Online Purchase They claimed to have a corgi puppy looking for a new home. They sent a lot of photos and videos to make it look like a legit deal. What through me off was she claimed she was gonna use a pet air to fly …

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Jane Ann Howard

Miranda – Victim Location 56098 Type of a scam Government Grant Hacked a friend’s account. Wanted $3200 upfront for$150000

John Allen Davis

Evan – Victim Location 33186 Total money lost $1,500 Type of a scam Romance Met this person on line, he promised to give me monies but I had to buy first a Onevanilla card for $***, Then to get me $***, I need to give him 2 amazon *** gift card cash. This happened 6 …

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