7 Best Free Plant Identification App Reviews

Avid plant lovers learn about different plants around them as a hobby. If you are one of them, you would love to use the best free plant identification app.

The purpose of these apps is to identify plants and provide related details. We have handpicked some of the best plant identification apps for you to use for free.

Here you go with the list:

  1. iNaturalist

This app is trusted by more than one million scientists, biologists, and naturalists. You can use this app to identify plants uploaded by users. It was launched by the California Academy of Sciences in 2008. It is completely free to use and compatible with both iOS and Android devices.

Compared to other apps, iNaturalist is easy to use. All you need to do is upload a picture of the plant that you want to identify, and other users will share their knowledge about the plant with you.

  1. PlantSnap

Next up, we have PlantSnap that have partnered with Snapchat to help more people identify plants around them. Unlike the previous app we discussed, PlantSnap offers a premium and free version. The premium app is better than the free one.

With the help of this app, you can identify over 600 thousand plants and that too in 30+ languages. This is one amazing app when it comes to identifying plants. To access the best features, you should get the premium version of the app.

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  1. PictureThis

If you want a more advanced plant identifier app, PictureThis could be the best option for you. This app is backed by AI, which helps identify millions of plants. Other than identifying plants, it also provides tips to care for plants.

It is not a free app, but they do have a 7-day free trial. So you can use the app for free for a week, and pay only if you are satisfied with the app.

  1. PlantNet

When it comes to choosing the best free plan identification app, we simply can’t skip PlantNet. It has over a million plant pictures and can be used to identify plants around the globe.

There are a few things you should know before downloading this app. You can use this app to identify plants only whose images have been shared by a user. It has over 20,000+ species in its database. The database keeps growing as more information is added by users.

  1. LeafSnap

This is another great app that can be used to identify plants. It comes with a user-friendly interface. Just tap the “Identify” button on the app, and it will fetch all the information regarding the plant. It will provide the common name, botanical name, plant family, and genus in the detail.

The good thing is it also acts as a reminder to take care of your plants. It enables you to create tasks to prune, water, or add fertiliser to your plants. If you are fond of gardening, you will find this app useful. Although this is a free app, it includes some in-app purchases.

  1. Blossom: Plant Care Guide

The first thing you will notice about this app is its aesthetic and design. It comes with a visually pleasing interface and dozens of features. With the help of this app, you can meet all your plant-care needs.

Blossom is more than just a plant identifier app. It helps you to set reminders to nurture and care for your plants. Additionally, it gives you plant care tips. The app has both free and premium versions. For most users, the free version is enough. But for unlimited plant identification and other advanced features, you will have to get the paid version.

  1. NatureID

NatureID is known to provide 95% accurate information. It has a large database and can identify over 10,000 plants. You can also use this app to identify mushrooms. That’s not all, it can also measure the volume of ports, measure the width and height of plants.

It gives you the option to chat with plant experts and professionals. They will give you the right advice to care for your plants. Apart from this, NatureID can also diagnose plants for diseases.

Having the best free plant identification app makes gardening easy. You can take the help of these apps to identify any plants around you. Some of the apps also allow you to set reminders, offer plant-care tips, and more.

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