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An “open source citizen scientific project on biodiversity,” according to the PlantNet app. The PlantNet app is available for free download, and gardeners from all around can collaborate to identify plants and compile a sizable database of botanical species.

This program can tell a downy yellow violet from an eastern redbud, a weeping forsythia from a tall goldenrod, and a maple from an oak apart in less than five seconds. PlantNet doesn’t have a lot of adverts or sneaky pop-ups that try to get you to pay for more services, in contrast to many of the applications we examined. PlantNet offers rapid, simple identifications that our testers found to be consistently correct, even though it doesn’t give as fluid a sharing experience as iNaturalist or as much background information on plants as some of the other applications we tried.

I’m pleased to suggest the PlantNet app as a fantastic tool for identifying plants. Free is the best thing there is! With crowdsourced images and useful information based on plant photo recognition, the PlantNet app performs incredibly well. By using photos to identify weeds, you can learn what you’re really up against in the garden. After that, you may step it up and attack weeds for what they are. The app occasionally doesn’t recognize the plant you’ve shared. “Plant not detected in this project,” it would say. In certain circumstances, PlantNet actually advises an identification before recommending a World Flora identification.

PlantNet App Download

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