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Have you ever stopped mid-hike to consider the type of plant your ankle had just come into contact with? PictureThis app can help you decide whether to take a breath and enjoy the surrounding plants, or get ready for hours of itching . Since there are about 390,900 identified plant species worldwide, you probably won’t be able to identify the numerous plants in your area unless you’re a skilled botanist.

This contains a sizable database of all known plant life. If you’re unsure whether the leaves in your yard are from an annual flower sprout or a weed, consider both the species and the best way to take care of it can be determined by this. How does it function? Simply point your camera at the problematic plant or submit a photo of it. In a matter of seconds, the artificial intelligence technology in the app will accurately identify what you are viewing.

I received care instructions for one of my succulents after taking a picture of it that were far more detailed than what was written on the plant’s tiny plastic tag. To begin with, the plant was not truly a “jade plant,” as claimed by its retail tag, but rather a subspecies known as a “flaming katy.” Picture This instructed me to provide the succulent with full sun, sandy soil that drains well, and fertilizing once every two weeks throughout its growing season. Additionally, I was given information on the best growing conditions, potting ideas, trimming and propagation advice, and typical pests.

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