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Today, Snapchat’s Scan platform, which offers practical, enjoyable, and pertinent experiences using Snapchat’s camera, welcomed PlantSnap as a new partner. PlantSnap is the world’s most cutting-edge, thorough, and accurate plant identification and social media app. More than 600,000 plants can now be recognized by Snapchat users directly from the Snapchat Camera.

The plant will then be analyzed and recognized by PlantSnap’s machine learning system, which will then immediately show the plant’s name on the screen. Today’s implementation of this will start.

In addition to helping people get back in touch with nature, PlantSnap builds a database of plants that both pros and amateur gardeners may use for information. PlantSnap is currently utilized every day in more than 200 countries and is available in 37 languages. With more than 35 million downloads to date and a database of over 620,000 species, PlantSnap has established itself as THE app for gardeners, hikers, landscape architects, teachers, students, foragers, and anybody who appreciates the outdoors.

Quickly recognize all different kinds of plants, including flowers, trees, succulents, mushrooms, cacti, and more! The ground-breaking plant identification app PlantSnap from was created to assist you in quickly and easily identifying plants.PlantSnap is an easy approach for all Earth people to contribute to preserving and rescuing the environment by taking pictures of plants wherever you go. It averages over 500,000 photos taken in 200+ countries each day.

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