Strother Kuna Reviews - Strother Kuna Scam or Legit

Julie –

Victim Location 38258

Type of a scam Phishing

I have an old computer with no webcam and I am NOT doing anything in front of the computer that would be considered embarassing. I received on my ISP’s filter website two emails that were labeled as phishing. These were of the variety where they were trying to blackmail or exhort for money, actually bitcoin, saying they had infected my computer with a Trojan and gained control of my webcam and files. They said a video would be released unless I paid up. Of course, this wouldn’t apply to me at all and I would never fall for such a scheme anyway. The info I have listed is just for one of the two emails, but they were identical in content with the same website used for the email address (just the name was different).

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