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November 3, 2019 One of my contacts on LinkedIn, Hara Naham, suggested this PT business opportunity to make additional money. She sent me the application and I completed it. I asked her if it was a scam that day and she stated no. On Nov 4 I received an email from "Karen" at [email protected] and I was very leary about this business so I messaged Hara Naham and she stated that her LinkedIn account was hacked and that it is a total scam. The company states it is a "mystery shopper" assignment. Today I received my assignment and I attached it to this report for you to let me know if it is legit or not. I will receive the money in the mail on Friday, November 8 and would like to know how to proceed.

Unable to attach 2 documents, so i copied and pasted the email that I received on 11/4/19:

From: Karen

Date: November 4, 2019 at 7:32:49 AM CST

To: [email protected]

Subject: Application has been accepted

Reply-To: Karen


We received and accepted your application. You are hereby confirmed to be registered as an agent for the ongoing marketing research program.

Your first assignment would commence this week. We will be posting an assignment/commission check to you. The payment would be posted on Tuesday, 5th November. You will then be required to follow instructions which will be given to you.

Once you have received the payment, you will be required to proceed to nearby store to purchase a specific product and then give us feedback on quality of their customer service delivery and the condition of products in the store. Further details on the assignment will be provided to you soon.

Kindly reply this email, saying you confirm acceptance of this offer to enable us proceed.

Thank you,


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