Sinclair customer metrics Reviews - Sinclair customer metrics Scam or Legit

Julie –

Victim Location 33905

Type of a scam Fake Check/Money Order

I was contacted by email for a job as a mystery shopper I responded and about 1 month later with a cashiers check for 1920.00 to deposit in my account. I researched the company and found this was a check scam and fraudulent.

Jacqueline –

Victim Location 83702

Type of a scam Fake Check/Money Order

Consumer received check in the mail for "survey" asking to deposit check, purchase gift cards, and still have money left over for himself. He brought the check in to the bank that business was drawn on and was told that no such account existed so consumer brought the check in to BBB office to report scam.

Derek –

Victim Location 10033

Total money lost $2,950

Type of a scam Employment

They sent me a check for a service and after i completed the service the check bounced

Lucas –

Victim Location 97402

Type of a scam Fake Check/Money Order

Company sent me check for 2347.00 to go to two different stores and buy 4 Reloading plus packs, scratch all. Do the report and send to them all info they were requesting and include pin numbers that appear after scratching each reloadit pack and then after they receive report from me they will send me notice of where to send the reloadit packs. I was to keep 300.00 for myself and if there was money left over I could keep it for gas. I have not done anything as it appears to be a scam

Raymond –

Victim Location 44146

Type of a scam Fake Check/Money Order

I received a letter and a check The letter was from Sinclair Customer Metrics located in Denver Colorado. They sent me a check for $2,337.00 the check was from Northeast Community Bank in White Plains New York from A.L.A.C. Contracting Corp. They want me to deposit it in my account wait 24 hours withdrawal 300 and go shop at certain stores. Ha ha…NOT FUNNY

Nina –

Victim Location 63869

Type of a scam Employment

Scott Coleman is the name of the person who contacted me about being a mystery shopper. I was sent a check on Monday for $2337, they sent it via USPS priority mail. I was told to deposit the check, tell them when I did that, then I could go to any of a bunch of national chains and buy 4 $500 reloadable gift cards, email them again when I do that and tell them the pin # for the cards and a short report about the store. Was it clean, were people helpful, etc. And then I could keep the $337. But when I took the check to my bank, the teller there informed me that the check was fraudulent. I feel violated of my human rights because I just wasted $30 in gas to get this cleared up.

Kayla –

Victim Location 30238

Type of a scam Employment

I received a letter from Sinclair Customer Service with a check for 2,345 to start secret shopping. I was then asked to remove 300 for my personal use to shop and then deposit $500 onto 4 reloadit pack cards. Then asked to send them the email with the cards on it and do not try to activate the cards. I immediately looked up the business because something seemed off and everyone stated that it was a scam

Raul –

Victim Location 62983

Type of a scam Fake Check/Money Order

I filled an application online for a secret shopper. This company then sent me a check for $2350.00; I was to take $2000 and purchase four reloadable cards and put $500 on four separate cards. I was to keep the $350. The check was written off the University of Michigan Credit Union. PO.Box 7850, Ann Arbor, MI 48107. Thomas Gibson was the person I corresponded with.

Jeremiah –

Victim Location 65686

Total money lost $1,000

Type of a scam Employment

Thomas Gibson emailed me about an opportunity to secret shop for Walmart and MoneyGram. I didn’t think much of it but I then received mail that had a $1000 money order in it. I took the money order to my bank and they cashed it with no problem. I was asked by Mr. Gibson to to to Walmart and use MoneyGram to send $800 to a Jeff Berman so that he could pick it up at his local Walmart in San Antonio, TX. I processed the MoneyGram and shortly after the money order was reversed at my bank and I received notice that it was altered or fictitious. The amount was charged back to my account.

Claire –

Victim Location 55437

Total money lost $19

Type of a scam Employment

contacted to be a mystery shopper & that was thru Sinclair via email. It was to do a Walmart Store survey. They send you money and you purchase what they tell you to. Once I was assigned my job, via cell phone, thru [email protected], Richard Williams task manager I accepted. They were to send package with instructions. Thru the next week they told me numerous times package had arrived. It had not. We both tracked package & it was still 2 days out – in transit. Get package & now it is a 3rd company Richhy Wil @ L.R. Distributors in Brooklyn NY. I deposited check they gave me $1680.00 and was waiting for it to clear before I completed my assignment of buying a $1300.00 money to money transfer to a 4th address Frank Bush 128 Berkshire Lane in Fort Worth TX 76134. The fee would be $50.00 and the balance was to be mine ($300.00 for pay & $30.00 to shop with & report on your shopping experience. In the next 3 – 4 days my bank told me to be very careful. So I never completed my assignment while waiting for the check to clear. Finally on 4th day check for $1680.00 was ret’d. THANK god I did not purchase the money to money transfer @ Walmart as I would be out ALOT more than my bank’s $19.00 bank fee for ret’d check. They harrassed me daily to a) complete assignment and b) provide them with my banking info so they could push thru the transactions. They got nothing other than text response DAILY that I was still waiting for their check to clear. One of those nights of harassment they called me # 2:17am. There have been 2 different cell phone #’s calling or texting so they probably use a burner phone for one week.

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