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Anthony –

Victim Location 29620

Type of a scam Phishing

Report Security Audits Inc. to your local police if you get a call. Claims that they are a member of the BBB, however, this is a non-existent business that appears to be running a phishing type scam. I have filed a report with the local police, to include numerous and repeated phone calls, threats to personal and family safety, and refusal to provide information to you when requested. This scammer, "Roy" (also of the church scam "Roy"), will call you can claim that their will be a scheduled security audit conducted at your residence at 3:00 AM. He advises that the auditors will snoop on your property, check windows and doors, and look for valuables. As we know, no legitimate business would conduct business like this, and when I didn’t play his game, it escalated to threats of bring baseball bats to my house, leaving threatening phone messages (what a fool = evidence of threats), and harassing and repeated phone calls. Phone calls ceased after filing a police report and surprisingly, ol’ Roy didn’t answer his phone when the officer called to contact him. Other phone numbers (last 4 numbers provided, most likely spoofed) included 3193, 0047. 0061. These numbers originate from the Liberty, Greenville, Spartanburg, and Columbia. SC areas. If contacted, file a police report and use *57 to trace the calls for law enforcement to escalate this to a harassment investigation.

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