Sarl Evasion Tropicale, Travel Agency

Cameron –

Victim Location 30350

Type of a scam Employment

The alleged "hiring authority" sent an email saying they found my resume online and felt I was an ideal candidate to help launch the American location for their travel agency that is originally based in Paris, France. They are growing and wanted me to fill out all my personally information in the application packet they included and I had to fax it back and if I qualified to meet the criteria that they would send me an email telling me when I would start making between $2,000-4000 a month. Everything about the email seemed wrong including the terrible grammar and awful spelling. I mean if you feel that I was such an ideal candidate for your job, then why would I need to submit an application to see if I qualify when you’ve already accessed my resume from the Internet and you sought me out? Why would I fax an application and supporting materials validating my legal ability to work in a America to someone I have never met and never spoken with? Definitely sounds like a scam.

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