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Danielle –

Victim Location 79902

Total money lost $500

Type of a scam Employment

One Monday of the first week of September I woke up and I had an email in my college email saying that there was an job offer, which they were paying $450 weekly;therefore they needed my resume I sent the resume and 20 minutes later they answered me saying I got the job. He explained me that he was an artist and needed help while he was out, the job was of buying art supplies and send them to where he said, then he said he would send me a check via email which had my weekly payment and what I needed to buy the other stuff. In September 7 he sent me the checks via email so I had to go print them with a business check paper. One check was for $900 and the other $950, As I did that I deposited the checks into my bank account the total of both checks together was of $1850. I deposited the checks and my bank told me that the amount they were going to hold $1450 to verify the checks. So at that point I had $400 available which he to told me to go buy iTunes gift cards which was a total of $300. Ask he had asked, I sent him the codes of the gift cards and that was the last time I talked to him. Then on September 11 was when the rest of the money was available but I woke up to a notice from my bank that said the checks had been reversed. I went to the bank and they told me the checks were false. Now my account is in negatives and the bank says I have to pay the amount in a month or else my account will be closed.

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