Retailer Rewards or 247medplan

Sergio –

Victim Location 83128

Type of a scam Sweepstakes/Lottery/Prizes

Received postcard in the mail claiming to have an unclaimed rewards card worth $100 useable at Walmart, target or any number of other major retail stores. Postcard stated that the reward would be forfitted if not claimed by 8/11/2018 and that this was the first and final notice and to immediately call 18657793593 or visit their website I did go to their website and immediately noticed a redirect to and therefor I didn’t click on anything assuming that the site would install malware on my device. I don’t know what exactly it is they are trying to do wether it’s spread malware, steal your identity or try to get money from you. However it is worth noting that one of the other super creepy and quite suspicious details on the postcard is that it says John 10:10 on the bottom left hand corner, not being a religious person myself I immediately found it odd seeing how there is absolutely nothing else on the card that pertains to anything religious. Not sure if these people think bible thumpers are more likely to think it’s legit if they add random religious stuff to their scammy postcards but I found it to be quite distasteful even tho I choose not to practice any form of religion…

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