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Victim Location 01101

Type of a scam Utility

On Friday, July 22nd 2016 around 6pm a man in a silver Honda Civic drove up to my mother’s house. He was white, about 5’8" and appeared to be around age 30. He stepped out of the car and said, "Is the Mister home?" My mother replied, "Can I take a message for him?" The man then said, " I need to see one of the homeowners" to which my mother replied that she was the homeowner. He immediately began telling her that her electric bill was $125/month (not true, and not sure where he got this information) but that in two years she would be paying over $700/month and that she "had to do something now". He had no printouts or other information backing up his claims nor did he say he was affiliated with National Grid who is the electric company for the area. He had no identification, was wearing wrinkled and dirty sweatpants and a t-shirt with no company logo, and had no company logo or name on his vehicle. He tried to convince my mother to agree to have solar panels installed on her roof, and when she began asking legitimate questions about installation, insurance, damage to the roof, could they be installed in the yard, etc. he raised his voice and said, "I’m not going to debate this with you." My mother asked for literature and he replied that they "did not have literature, you need to look on the website". I have attached a picture of the business card he gave to her. The phone number on his business card does not show up under any business listings on Google and nor does his email address. The phone number listed on the business card is a Springfield MA area cell phone number and when called, the voicemail does not give a business name but rather is a recording of a Robert Kelley asking people to submit a utility bill, or to leave their address and location for him to call back. On the voicemail he also lists two different email address for two different companies – [email protected] and [email protected] The phone numbers listed on the website provided on the business card ( go to a recording saying the office is closed, and the automated menu does not work. The website lists no physical address for the company, nor the names of any employees or owners. Both the 800 number and the Texas area 512 area code number on the site go to the same recording. The website lists minimal information about solar panels themselves and instead describes the company as a "third party".

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