Resco Printing Services

Joanna –

Victim Location 70057

Total money lost $2,050

Type of a scam Employment

Was initially hired in June and employment documents state guaranteed pay of $1500.00 monthly plus bonuses as a part time employee. I was required to receive packages at my home address gift wrap them and send them out to the recipients. I had to take pictures of the products received and photos of the wrapped products then upload on the admin panel where they provided me access to the admin panel @ with user id and password they provided to me. I also had to go to various Best Buy stores and pick up items that were ordered by customers and send picks of the item and gift wrap them upload pictures and once they receive the pictures I would be give a downloadable postage slip to send out for delivery to the address listed. Some of the names on the postage. I did this up until 8/7/17 and once the payday came up which would have been on 8/8/17 my access to the admin panel was revoked and I could not log in to click the pay me now button to have my paycheck released. This company is a scam to get people to pick up I believe illegal products and send to people they know or to themselves. I have been trying to contact this company for days now with no luck.

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