Republic Finance

Juan –

Victim Location 45171

Total money lost $125

Type of a scam Advance Fee Loan

I started applying online for loans a few weeks ago, around middle to end of September, and then I received a call I think last Monday, 102-17 his name was Joshua with Republic Finance and he was calling from 913-937-7967 x 103. He told me that I had the loan approved and he said it $2000 for 20 months and payments would be $110 a month and then he told me all I had to do was he had to check on things, he said I had to come up with $110 to give to them to show them that I was legit that I was going to pay the loan back, and he said go get a $100 and $25 I Tunes card., so I did that and then he said that the State of Ohio had to pay taxes on the wire transfer $290 something almost $300. And he told me once I got that sent, they were going to reimburse me $125 and then reimburse me the $300 and they was going to put all back in my account, and $2600 something dollars back into my account. Then he told me the money was there, I said I don’t have money in my account to go get the $300 I Tune Card, and he said the money is on standby and couldn’t put the money in their until it was released with the State of Ohio (Ohio tax transfer fee). I didn’t have the money and I told him I can’t do it, and he asked when can you. Then I said just forget it. Then he didn’t get back to me. Adrian Smith Loan Officer called me 913-937-7967. He called me on Friday 10-6-17 to get $125 back I needed to sign a piece of paper from Ohio that I was not going to go through with it, and send it back to the State. I haven’t gotten the paper yet, they said they were going to mail it out. Then they called me Sunday night 10-8-17 from 202-945-4193 he said don’t worry that Joshua was put on leave because the loan didn’t go through, he said I had to come up with the $300 and he was working on it, and they were going to put $150 in my account this coming Friday and I had to come up with the other $150.

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