Reverend David

Mandy –

Victim Location 46032

Type of a scam Rental

my husband and i have been looking for an affordable place to live so we were looking on craigslist to rent by owner because our credit is on the mend. so i inquired about this house. luckily i caught on very quickly that is was a scam so we didnt give him any money but i wanted to see how far this guy would go to try and steal our money! he said they just joined a missionary called SIM so i called the group to ask if they had a gentleman by this name and they had never heard of him! he wanted me to send him 1200 by money gram before he would send us further info and when he told me where to send it the address and name are not even close to the previous info he gave me.. On top of that before i sent him anymore info than i already had i looked up the house and it was actually for sale by a valid realtor company and they were appalled someone was using their house to scam people!

i wanted to include where he wanted me to send the money so he can b caught.

Receivers name: SteveThomas

state: nv

city: las vegas

zip code: 89128

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