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Sheila – Oct 14, 2020

BEWARE SCAM – I just got a call claiming i had won $150,000 from an entry I had submitted 10 years ago. The names of the callers I was given was Peter Clover & Jeffrey Heinz. I was not asked for any ID, in fact to appear more legit they outright stated that if anyone asks for that over the phone I should never give this info out (duh?). I was told there were 4 steps that I needed to write down. 1)They provided a Cheque number that was issued to my name, 2) a package number and told me Jeffrey would deliver the cheque to my home. 3) I had to produce valid ID when Jeffrey showed up, and last but not least # 4) I had to go to walmart or 7-11 and purchase a gift card for $150.00, specifically a card called 1 Vanilla gift card, He framed this as a card for insurance purposes for the cheque since it was so large?
He asked how quickly I could get the card and I said after I make a phone call to Readers Digest Head office to verify my winnings. His response was why, I told you I’m calling from Readers Digest. Here are the phone numbers that showed up on my phone 519-974-3248, V01216560500133, and the one he gave me to call him back 979-800-4621. Just hang up on them, Readers Digest will just mail you a cheque, you can even look on their website to search winners.

Gina – Aug 26, 2020

Victim Location 37189

Type of a scam Sweepstakes/Lottery/Prizes

I got a phone call from a Jim Walton stating he was a rep for Readers Digest Sweepstakes congratulating me for being the winner of this month’s sweepstakes for 5.1 million dollars. He said to take my time in calling him back. This message was left on my answering machine. I called to check this out. I haven’t called back yet.

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