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Natasha – Jan 23, 2021

I ordered some Clarke’s shoes for my children in June. It looked like an authentic Clarkes website, I didn’t receive a receipt, I saw a transaction for reliable FB E commerce and asked the credit card company to check it as I thought it was fraud, the shoes still haven’t arrived and the shoes wouldn’t fit now anyway. Reading the review I now know where the sunglasses came from!

Jason – Dec 22, 2020

I ordered 3 pairs of brooks for $75.00on 6/4/2020 and have not heard anything since. Do you know how I can contact them? Or are they all a scam! Is there any way to get my money back?

Kate – Dec 14, 2020

I ordered a pair of Brooks running shoes in June. Got a tracking number in July and never received the product. They are now saying in December that I was shipped the wrong product, they said I got sunglasses by mistake, which also don’t have. They now want to give me 20% refund for something I did not get or order. SCAM big time!

Ian – Dec 04, 2020

I ordered a sewing machine as a gift to my daughter in Chico, CA back in April/May 2020. She never recieved it. This is December. She did receive random pair of sunglasses. She has never used them and nobody knew where they came from.. i could no longer use the tracking link to get info on the sewing machine i paid for.. When I asked the company where the sewing machine is they stated they sent a pair of sunglasses instead and asked me to accept a 10% refund since they are losing money to reship! Nobody has made good on reimbursement of the sewing machine that was never delivered.

Patrick – Nov 30, 2020

I ordered three items from what I thought was Eddie Bauer. Never received the items and contacted my credit card vendor, Citibank. They returned the money, contacted the vendor, told me the items had been shipped and again charged me for the amount due. What I got was a cheap pair of Ray-Ban sunglasses. I went back to Citibank and they sent a new form to complete, which I did. When I followed up, Citibank said it has not received the form so I completed it a second time. When Citibank finally got back to me, it said it was too late to recover the money a second time. This whole transaction was apparently a scam. The vendor id’s I have been able to find were “Reliable FB E-Commerce Singapore” and “[email protected]“. Based upon the string of comments in this website shame on Citibank for not recognizing the transaction as a scam and, more importantly, shame on Facebook for letting this entity to post this discount sales posting from supposedly brand name stores, such as Eddie Bauer. Bottom line, if you see a super discount posting in Facebook from a major brand name store, be warned.

Ashley – Nov 24, 2020

Purchased a Singer embroidery machine $99.99 in 6/10/2020 tracking # ls372265116cn and have not received anything to date 11/23/2020
Terrance Crosby [email protected] or [email protected]

Brittney – Dec 04, 2020

Similar story for me!

Cynthia – Nov 02, 2020

I placed an order for sneakers from sketchers superstore an received sunglasses ..apparently this is a scam..never placed an order from an ad on Facebook before .i placed the order back in April..after 2 weeks I received an email telling me due toCovid there would be a delay in shipping June an July I sent emails to cancel my order an was informed that my package had shipped..I then received a small package in my mailbox with the same tracking number that was suppose to be with my sneakers..i immediately contacted my bank and they investigated and were informed that I ordered glasses and they have documents to prove it..ism now waiting for my bank to forward me the documents..I was scammed

Valerie – Oct 31, 2020

I was scammed bought and paid 35.99 for a pair of New Balance size 11 mens sneakers. It took a long time instead of receiving the shoes got sunglasses from China

Nichole – Oct 07, 2020

I ordered 5 pairs of Brooks shoes this summer from what was supposed to be the Brooks flagship store in Singapore. They had a “problem” processing the credit card and said to try again later. I checked my credit card that night and discovered my account had been charged $125.00. I notified my credit card company and decided to wait to see if I received my order. Six weeks later I still hadn’t received anything and was unable to communicate with the so-called company. I disputed the charge with U.S. bank and just heard from them last week after a 2 month plus “investigation” where they declined my dispute and charged me without any explanation about the particulars of their investigation. I called the bank on 10-05, and have still not heard back from them.
Curiously about three weeks ago, I received an unsolicited pair of counterfeit Ray-Ban sunglasses from LIN SHUIBUO in Fujian China. Having read the posts here I see I am not alone.
Is there anything I can do about this? I imagine that there are hundreds of similar cases $ 50 here, $ 150 there…it sure adds up. Is Zuckerberg and Facebook doing anything?

Candace – Sep 25, 2020

I ordered $150 worth of Allen Edmond shoes for my husband. I had a feeling this was too good to be true so I researched the company and saw quite a few comments from people who had been duped by this company. I immediately contacted my cc company and disputed the charges which were credited to my account. Today I received a letter from my cc company saying the purchase was legitamate and they would be charging my account. The E commerce company provided a shipping label which upon tracing showed they were delivered to my mail box. The only thing I received was a pair of cheap sun glasses. I guess I’m not the only one that was cheated.

Robyn – Sep 21, 2020

I ordered two pair of Skechers shoes on May 21 2020
and never received. A few days ago I get a pair of cheap sunglasses from them.
Spread the word.

Kate – Sep 04, 2020

I ordered a inflatable bounce house/slide on June 8 2020
and never recieved. Today I get a pair of sunglasses from them. THIS IS A SCAM! How do I get my money back or receive the merchandise I ordered. Will Never order from you again! I will be spreading the word.

Cassandra – Aug 29, 2020

I ordered 3 pair of Tennis shoes on June 5 2020 for $60 and have never heard from them since they are thieves taking unsuspecting peoples money🤮

David – Jul 26, 2020

Same for me.
Ordered 92$ of shoes on what looked like the Roots Canada official site.
Received a counterfeit pair of Ray Ban sun glasses worth less than 5$.
They are thieves.

Peter – Sep 20, 2020

I ordered $58.00 of merchandise (tractor parts) from a company called OKCINEMAS.COM, but the charge was processed through Reliable FB E-Commerce Singapore. I also received the Ray Ban sunglasses but no merchandise. The web site disappeared about that time which was June 8/20.

Kristi – Sep 04, 2020

I got the same thing. Sunglasses. What happened on your end? Anything or just a scam.

Ebony – Jul 13, 2020

Victim Location 90069

Total money lost $33

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I saw a link on FaceBook for a product (Keens shoes) and the prices looked too good to be true – and I should have followed my gut! They never arrived and the company website no longer exists

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