Razor Van Lines

Michael – Oct 01, 2020

All this Company can do is take your money. No Service Provided. No Customer Service. Arrogant Liars. Never did get a moving truck to show up. Got all of my money back but only because my Credit Card Company agreed that this Company was completely in the Wrong. Do not do business with this Company. You will be Sorry! Fraudulent Scammers!

Kathleen – Sep 17, 2020

Victim Location 33131

Type of a scam Moving

I was contacted by a company representative and offered an estimate for an interstate moving cost. I asked specifically whether I would be able to book the movers for a specific time and date because I needed that service to reserve the elevator in my building. I was told by the representative that they service will be arranged, even though the contract, which initially appears as just an estimate of services, stated that the moving date will be either 8/29-8/30. I was then asked to sign a contract while on the phone with the representative. In regards to this contract, it appears as a binding moving estimate, and the terms of the contract are not visible, until it’s signed. I was also asked for a deposit of $967, but was somehow charged $1,015. I followed up with the representative via email, confirming that I will need a specific moving date and he responded that he will be forwarding the request to costumer service. I did not hear back from the original representative or customer service. I called the customer service number to verify and confirm that I will get a specific date and time for my move and was told that they are working on it and will get back to me next week. I did not hear from them the following week and called back. At the time of my final call back, I was told by a customer service representative that the company does not provide this service (advanced reservation for time and date for moving). I informed the representative that I will need my deposit back because the service that I requested and was promised by the representative who initially contacted me was not provided. I was told that they are going to look into it for me but no one responded or refunded the money. This was a scan because a larger sum of money was charged than was initially quoted for a deposit and a service that was promised by the representative was not provided by the company. Additionally, the binging moving estimate that I signed initially, did not show the terms of the contract!

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