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Tyrone – Oct 14, 2020

Has anyone reported Nordic Community Management and Tabor financial to the authorities? If so, who?

Erika – Jul 30, 2020

Thank you all for being forth coming. I thought that I was the only one out there… These A-holes took me for $3000 then wanted $10,000. Same scenario jack off from Dubai wants to invest. This was several months ago November of last year. I had their numbers blocked so they couldn’t call anymore. Today 7/30/2020 received a call from a supposed lawyer, and the A-hole didn’t even pronounce there name right Mortic Commodies…

Tanya – Apr 06, 2020

I had the same experience. Was called on my cell phone and asked if I wanted to sell my fractional timeshare, I figured it was a scam, but thought, what the heck, I’ll play along. They offered me $16,000.00 for my timeshare, I said sure, knowing it wasn’t worth that. So I played along with this scam, till the contract came, and I said I wouldn’t sign it until I could have money deposited into a US bank, they told me that they couldn’t because it was from Mexico, so I did some checking and called the bank affiliate in the US, and they told me that I did need to be present to open an account. They also had different people’ name on the contract, not mine and my fiancée’, and they said it would change when the real contract was be issued. They have a scam that sounds convincing and you really want to sign the contract, but I then know I won’t have a timeshare anymore. Same companies, same bank. The man from Nordic Commodity’ name is Peter Hudson along with Cindy Walker. From Tabor was Whitney Ely. From HSBC bank was Jonathon Rizzo, to name a few of the group. Be careful!

Deanna – May 21, 2020

So you’re telling me Nordic Commodity and Tabor Financial CPA are both a scam?

Dana –

Total money lost $7,000

Type of a scam Travel/Vacations

This company claimed to want to sell our timeshares to their client from dubay. They said they were hired by them to buy as many Mexican timeshares as possible.

They said the client hired Tabor financial to open an escro account for us to deposit the money into.

They told us no fees would be paid by us up front.

Then they said the Mexican government changed their laws a few months ago. And told us in order to sell our timeshares we had to apply for a naturalization number and a tax ID number. Those costs us 3000 for both Canadian. I had looked it up and I found information about tax ID and naturalization existed.

So then I thought ok we just lost that much if anything.

Then they said the client paid for soem of the taxes and then we were told we had to pay for the other tax for our timeshare. I said no.

Then they said they would give us a legal promissory note stating that if we pay the taxes we would get our money back within 24 to 48 hours. I was hesitant and should have said no. We had two timeshares and were desperate to get rid of one..

They wanted almost 4000 Canadian to be sent to the Mexican government.

I got a receipt for the payment and then all of a sudden they sent another bill.

I accused them of being fraud.

And said if we didn’t get our money back we could call the police department.

They got scared and pretended to try to help us.

They are still calling us for a way to get more money from us..

Sophia –

Type of a scam Travel/Vacations

I was approached first by phone then email to sell my Mexican timeshare. Nordic Commodity Management made it sound like they had a buyer.

then the involved another company (Taber Financial) to attempt to set up a fake HSBC bank account in Mexico. I went to a local HSBC bank to confirm it was a scam. You do not have to Register for Foreign Investment to sell a time share.

This is part of a Message I got back from the Mexican Government.

About your request, please let me inform you the following:

1. The Secretary of Economy DOES NOT require any payment or fee related to register a timeshare. I can assure that you do not need to register to sell a timeshare.

2. All the procedures filed for the RNIE does not required any payment of rights or any other fee.

3. The information regarding to the National Registry of Foreign Investments you will find it in the following link

4. In the following link, you will find the Foreign Investment law

Best regards,

De: Sergio Juárez Plata

Enviado el: martes, 26 de noviembre de 2019 04:14 p. m.

Para: Olivia Flores Cortés

CC: Laura Denisse Perales Ocampo

Asunto: RV: Cancun Timeshare resale

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