Mike Spencer Siberian Husky Farm

Monique – Oct 13, 2020

Hello Everyone,
I am a victim of Mike Spencer and his entire network of scam artists or terrorists. I went through Zelle to wire him the money, received a fake shipping confirmation email. I called him and he answered swearing his business is not a fraud. I tried calling back and his phone is disconnected. I strongly feel that the money app Zelle is part of this terrorist ring. I am hoping that home land security will look into this as I have come to find out that puppy scams are all over the internet.

Katie – Oct 13, 2020

Mike Spencer is a fraud. $870.00 Paid through Zelle. And no puppy ever delivered. He even pretends to have a daughter that says my daddy is not a liar. If you have been a victim report it to the proper authorities in your area.

Bonnie – Sep 17, 2020

It’s a scam. Please don’t send him any money.

Maggie – Oct 13, 2020

Hi did you get your money back? What about the puppy? I am realizing that I have been scammed. Do you think Zelle is part of this fraud? I am starting to think there is more to this. I strongly feel this may be funding terrorists.

Ivan – Sep 08, 2020

Victim Location 94506

Total money lost $800

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Mike Spencer Siberian Husky Farm sold a Siberian Husky to us, but never delivered the dog. Paid $800 through Zelle.

Mary – Sep 11, 2020

have a puppy lined up to buy from mike spencer. is he a fake? have you gotten any satisfaction? would like to know before i make purchase. call me if you can at 18145940750…please

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