Adam – Feb 02, 2021

Victim Location Italy
Total money lost €40,11
Type of a scam Online Purchase

I ordered a hoodie of the price of 40,11 Eur. the 2nd December 2020 on, the parcel never arrived so I asked for a reimbursament and they never replied, I tried to contact HELOCHICV UK UNLIMITED many times without receiving a proper answer from them that wasn’t from a bot.

Melinda – Dec 30, 2020

My bill has a charge of $253.44 on it from these people and I have never purchased anything from them! How do I file a claim?

Marie – Dec 28, 2020

I ordered accidentally three tops from Nora Cora when I was looking at Google it popped up many times finally I took a chance and ordered without thinking that it would be a scam well I canceled one of the orders because it was a duplicate of one of the other ones and they contacted me acting very confused it wasn’t a confusing issue but that’s what they said anyway explained that I just wanted two tops that were not the same and a different size that they were quoting. Haven’t heard from them since and of course I’ve never received anything either I paid them $79 something like that on December 5th with a debit card and like since then I’ve been getting all kinds of advertising texts and emails but nothing from them so yeah I wanted file a claim

Nicole – Dec 04, 2020

I’ve never received by order…but they kept my money…these people are on artists!

Allen – Nov 12, 2020

i have not recieved my items at all

Mayra – Oct 23, 2020

I am still waiting for the dress I paid for to arrive.

I was billed for the item but have not heard from them. I do not have any contact details to email them.

J Enoch

Bank transaction details:
Retail Purchase-International.
Retail Purchase-International
Paid on
26 May 2020
Processed on
28 May 2020
2605 USD000000003838

Louis – Sep 04, 2020

Non riesco a rintracciare il mio ordine che ho effettuato in data 22/08/2020 importo di€39,97. Vorrei avere un idea per la consegna. Grazie

Beth – Aug 15, 2020

Victim Location 54403

Total money lost $65

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Womens clothing site that is a pop up on Food Network website. Clothing is not as represented on the website. The company is located in China and it is impossible to return an item through their website.

Wayne – Jun 25, 2020

Victim Location 78133

Total money lost $109.15

Type of a scam Credit Cards

Ordered clothing about two months ago in April, which my credit card was charged but never received the clothing until June 16, 2020. I kept sending messages and no answer until June 24, 2020 and I was told to keep the clothing and they would take 25% off. As of today I am waiting from my credit card company to see what they will do about my dispute, or to get an address where I can send this back. Is there anything you could help me out about sending this merchandise back? The amount I paid was $109.15. Please respond with some kind of an address or phone no.


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Joy – Jun 18, 2020

Victim Location 19713

Total money lost $264.87

Type of a scam Online Purchase

They do not send products. Uses covid19 . Also there is no phone number. I e- mailed them and all i keep getting is the same messages as if it was generated. Also same day charged my credit card and said they go through paypal, so everything is protected. There are other sites that have same clothes but different website names.

Sheila – Jun 13, 2020

Victim Location 40324

Total money lost $61

Type of a scam Online Purchase

The ad kept popping up on my phone showing beautiful clothing. Finally decided to order a dress and 3 tops as they were on sale in early May.

They said the order might take a while to be delivered because of Covid 19. Waited and waited. After about three weeks I received an email with a tracking number. They said my items had been shipped. When I put in the tracking number with my email address it would only say it was shipped. Waited tried again. Same thing. Checked the website for a telephone number. I could only find an email address. Emailed asking for more information on my package. They sent me a form letter. Repeated that process and got the same form letter. Wrote again and they told me finally that customer service would contact me in 48 hours. They did with the SAME form letter. Repeated this. The last letter said they’re contact me in 48 hours. That was the last I heard. No packages ever arrived. No contact except form letters. No available tracking record. They charged my credit card in early May. I have no way to get my money back or to get my items. I tried also to track down some details about them but I could find nothing on the internet regarding the company but numerous letters identifying them as a scam.

Gloria – Jun 07, 2020

Victim Location 11772

Total money lost $45

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I purchased a shirt and sandals total 45.00 US dollars on May 9,20 apparently I’m not the only one having issues 547 people are complaining please look into this to get them exposed. Thank you

Reginald – Jun 04, 2020

Victim Location 38801

Total money lost $48

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I ordered a pair of jeans from this website early May and never received the product. I tried contacting them with no response. I had to dispute the charge to my credit card

Tonya – Jun 03, 2020

Victim Location 10030

Total money lost $131

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I was on Facebook and noticed an advertisement for noracora, an online clothing store. The clothing appeared fashionable and stylish and they had good reviews (so I thought). I placed an order and received an immediate response with but there was no shipping details. It has been over one month and I haven’t received my product and I haven’t received a response from the company besides a generic email with no personal details. I’ve reached out approximately three times and every response is generic.

Dylan – Jun 02, 2020

Scam never received items. Not a real
Company. How can they get away with this!?

Frederick – Jun 02, 2020

Victim Location 75238

Total money lost $56

Type of a scam Online Purchase

[email protected] Received Numerous amounts of complaints of not receiving my product and I keep repeatedly sending me something back that says I can trace it there’s no way to trace it with US Postal Service

Cindy – May 29, 2020

Victim Location 91042

Total money lost $186

Type of a scam Online Purchase

This company is not reputable. I ordered items a month ago. Not only are they not in my possession yet, but I can’t get any tracking details. I’ve sent emails and social posts, and I now see hundreds of reviews that this is a scam operation.

Veronica – May 29, 2020

Victim Location 87144

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I saw picture of dress in catalog add pop up while ch checking my Yahoo mail and followed the add to the website where I placed an order for two dresses which I received. I tried on the dresses and decided that the one did not look like it looked in the picture it was very ugly. I emailed the company to let them know I wanted to return the dress for a refund and never heard back from them as far as whether they wanted to send a shipping label or where they wanted me to send it so I went ahead and pay to send the item back to the address on the package. That was 7 weeks ago I still have not received a refund. So I contacted customer service and ask them if they receive the package and basically they’re telling me that their policy is that they would send a return label and that they never received the package because I sent it to the wrong address and that they’re not going to refund me and that they’re not going to give me the address to where the package was sent and they’re not going to try to locate the package at that address because they’re in China.

Victor – May 28, 2020

Victim Location 49548

Total money lost $133.87

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I ordered some clothing from noracora who claims to be a business in the United States. They’re located in China and have many bad reviews. I did not read the reviews until it was too late. I placed my order on May 11th 2020 a total of 133.87 . The money was taken out of my account on May 12th 2020. I noticed that my order had said “ processing “ from the time I ordered it on May 11th. On MY 28th 2020 I emailed them and asked them what was taking so long to ship my order. I received an automated email back from them stating it takes 3-5 business days processing an order. It has been 13 business days since it’s been processing. I emailed them back and told them give me my money back. I haven’t heard anything back from them. There is no phone number to contact them. Only an email address.

Brett – May 25, 2020

Victim Location 11385

Total money lost $129

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Noracora is a clothing line company that has a lot of pop ups on the internet with very fashionable clothes. I ordered about $130.00 worth of outfits in April and my package was never delivered. My bank had to refund me the money. Whatever you do, do not buy from this company SCAM is written all over it.

Donna –

Victim Location 28412

Total money lost $75.20

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Before Christmas, I was on the internet and saw some advertisements for some adorable clothes and shoes popping up constantly. I do not normally purchase anything on the internet other than a few items through Amazon. This directed me to the NORACORA website. I ordered items for Christmas and for me to wear in this season as follows: Christmas earrings, warm leggings, colorful knitted scarf, outerwear, and top; and short boots. Items took a very long time to receive and most of them came well after Christmas. Return address on these items was China. Some of the items had a very strong nasty chemical smell. The outerwear was extremely small, like maybe a US size 2 although I ordered an XXL per the size chart and the fabric was not knitted, but was a thick and shiny polyester with a pattern similar to the photo copied to it. Not at all like the photo. The top was also not knit, but was even uglier, same awful fabric, but it was very dark and also too small – looked like Halloween costume fabric maybe. The scarf was also made of the same fabric and not knitted and was way too small around the neck. The pants were supposed to be thick, but they were not, but were very flimsy and fit me loosely, not like leggings. The boots looked similar to the picture, but the fake leather is very thin and they did not have the trademark on them shown in the photo. The earrings were the only item that seem to be identical to what I ordered, but they were specifically for Christmas. To get a refund, you have to send items back – to CHINA. They told me it is very expensive so they offer you a 15% refund and when that was refused, they offered me 25%. I told them I wanted a full refund for all items except the boots, earrings and the leggings – since I cannot possibly use the other items. Now they keep telling me no refund until case is closed, I closed case with my credit card company (And this was purchased with it through Paypal) and NORACORA still keeps telling me the case is in review and they can’t refund me now, after telling me they will send me a quick refund. Also, they tell me I must respond to every email within three days. I am going to reopen case with credit card company because they are continuing to scam people and they know exactly what they are doing. Google and Paypal need to stop doing business with them because they are counterfeits and thieves.

Krista –

Victim Location 54911

Total money lost $165

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I purchased clothing items. What I received is definitely not what was pictured. The pictures show great looking sweaters and wool scarves, etc. My scarf was printed polyester and cheap. I got a few items quickly and now it’s been going on 12 weeks and no more items. I’ve contacted them several times. I always get an email response but still no items. If you want cheap clothing, etc., order and hope you get your items.

Nina –

Victim Location 28027

Total money lost $95.11

Type of a scam Online Purchase

While surfing Facebook an attractive ad came up and while looking at items on that ad another ad came up with very attractive items and that is how I first came in contact with NoraCora. It is not typical for me to order from a site I don’t know or haven’t been referred to but they had some items that I thought a relative would like and I placed an order for $130.58 on 11/28/2019. I did receive 2 items from the order of 7 items. And I also received several e-mails saying items were being shipped (which is their cover since their policy says if the item has been shipped then they will not cancel the order or refund your money.) And since then no items have come and it is now Jan 10th, 2020. I have a PO Box at the Post Office so I know nothing was stolen from the porch or mailbox. I sent an e-mail to the customer service provided on the site and they wrote back and told me to check the tracking status. Which I did and the two items sent still say "in transit" so I know the information is inaccurate. I have requested a refund of $95.11 which is the amount of the items not received. Afterwards I did check around and found where I went wrong by not looking into the company and policies. But they have a very flashy website…..obviously paying the site developers well with all the fraudulently acquired funds…..and it’s easy to get drawn in. Glad I didn’t spend more there but I work hard for my money and it’s totally a principal thing for me!

Austin –

Victim Location 21666

Total money lost $155.10

Type of a scam Online Purchase

On 12/1/2019 while on another site (maybe Amazon or Etsy?) ordering lots of things for the holidays I clicked on an advertisement that popped up for Noracora. The products viewed (clothing and holiday items) were interesting and economical so I purchased 11 items with my credit card for $155.110). I received an automatic reply saying my order was received. On 12/2/2019 the same credit card was compromised (received a credit card alert) and I canceled it. By 12/19/2019 I did not receive any Noracora items so I contacted them by replying to the “order received” email. I received a reply that appeared to be another automatic response. It stated that I should click on “track order” and enter my order number. However it is not possible to track the order. So NOW I REALIZE THAT THE ORDER WAS A SCAM AND THAT NORACORA PROBABLY COMPROMISED MY CREDIT CARD!!! I want to report this company and hope to alert of their fraudulent business.

Walter –

Victim Location 40242

Total money lost $111

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Ordered 3 sweaters checked on purchase says order number not number to call. Email wont send to them.

Preston –

Victim Location 41230

Type of a scam Online Purchase

In an attempt to return items purchased online, I called a number that was listed as customer service. After ringing several times the call disconnected. About 10 minutes later, a man called me back stating he was from Noracora and asked about problem returning items. He said he would issue a refund but needed me to complete a document that would be sent to me online through fast He said it could not be emailed. I refused and ended the call. He called back 10 minutes later and insisted I complete the form through I refused. He cursed at me and hung up.

Ryan –

Victim Location 01906

Total money lost $30

Type of a scam Online Purchase

The items shown on web site are not the same as the product you receive . Never received items that were purchased . Items also had a very bad chemical smell so bad had to leave it side . This site need to be looked at .

Alberto –

Victim Location 02739

Total money lost $100

Type of a scam Online Purchase

They took my money, never mailed my purchases, never responded by e- mail, and there is no phone number listed on any website for them. They also say that they work with Amazon. They use Facebook to advertise.

Jimmy –

Victim Location 10028

Total money lost $26.66

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I purchased a sweater from the website. There was a photo of it and it was described as a "Knitted,Wool blend V-neck sweater". When I received the sweater it looked nothing like the photo on the website; it was not a sweater, it’s not wool nor is it knitted. It was a sewn fabric (not wool, the label says cotton and polyester, so clearly no wool). It was not the same sweater they show on their website, the ONLY similarity was the color. Total scam, they are showing false photos and then telling us we have to pay for shipping back to China and they must receive it within 6 business days for a full refund. Which of course is impossible. They have offered to refund me 15% and then they said they’d refund me 25%. I want a full refund as this is not what I ordered.

Jodi –

Victim Location 95501

Total money lost $33

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I purchased a scarf with a VISA card, through a NORACORA advertisement on NORACORA took $33.15 from my bank account immediately and sent me a confirmation that my package was on its way without a tracking number. I have written them 5 times and always get a stock reply that has nothing to do with my order. I began receiving warnings from VISA that someone in Hon Kong was trying to use my Visa card number. Luckily, I was able to deny them the right to use it. Noracora uses other aliases to sell the same women’s clothing line in online advertisements. I have asked to stop advertising NORACORA’s fraudulent clothing business, but they do not reply. I believe that any website advertising NORACORA should be held responsible for the fraud as well if they continue to advertise to an unsuspecting public. The public should be warned not to create an account with NORACORA, at the risk of being robbed. NORACORA’s website is growing and VERY chic. The clothes advertised on their extensive professional website are beautiful, with beautiful models and enticing prices, and should be shut down. They even have an app through the app store and google. DON’T BE FOOLED. I want my money back!!!

Adrienne –

Victim Location 55421

Total money lost $23.52

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Normally would never have done this; when I looked up company after ordering and got all the scam reports I hit the panic button and tried to cancel payment. Contacted PayPal and Capital One – transaction had already gone through. While they may have once been a reputable online retailer, recent community feedback is starting to illustrate a different truth. A truth riddled with misleading characteristics and investigative discoveries that was made clear by a review by -at least seven sites reported this retailer.

I’m usually smarter than this! I will never order on-line again without researching the credibility of the company! I am a senior I have emailed requesting cancelation of order within fifteen minutes of order money had already been transferred from PayPal to NORACORA. at least it is less than $50.00 Subtotal $15.84

Shipping $8.00 Total USD $23.52. See website

no mail or phone number- Who is Behind Noracora?

The Noracora About Us and Contact Us page provide no information of value in regards to identifying whom may be at the helm of this scam. In order to find any ownership information had to navigate our way through the sites Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy, where towards the bottom of the Privacy Policy came across the following:

BTREE Limited: 20H, 29 Mark Road, Hemel Hempstead, Herts, Buckinghamshire, United Kingdom HP2 7DN (non-return address)

With all of these negative reviews, PayPal should be aware and able to warn their patrons of these scam companies. I’ll attempt to recover my payments through PayPal. Time will tell.

Melinda –

Victim Location 04102

Total money lost $75

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Saw their website on Facebook and loved the look of the summer linen clothing. Finally decide to buy a pair of pants and a top. They came at separate times and I didn’t realize they were being shipped from China after the purchase. It took about 3 weeks to get first item – pants. So ugly and made of polyester. Top came about 2 weeks after that . I ordered an XL and the top was about a size small. Also the linen was so cheap. I decided to return items which of course you have to pay for shipping. In an email they suggested I buy something else since the return shipping would probably cost a lot. After about 3 weeks I emailed them asking if they received my items which they said they didn’t. I had to jump through hoops to finally get an agreement they would credit my credit card, but said it could take a while depending on what card I used. It was a major credit card and I have yet to see a refund! DO NOT BUY FROM NORACORA!!!! Also, I had to cancel that credit card because of fraudulent use…Hmmmmm

Keri –

Victim Location 23831

Total money lost $128.97

Type of a scam Counterfeit Product

Noracora is Noracrap. This is a complete scam! What you see on the website is not what you are going to get. Size Medium or Large is a size 2xl, the material is something that is used on a shower curtain, can see completely through it, and the sewing is what a two year would do. The clothes is NOT at all what is advertised. They need to be shut down and charged immediately! See the attached picture and compare the one on the website… I have more pictures as well.

Caleb –

Victim Location 28012

Total money lost $240

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I ordered some clothing from Noracora website. The site looked reputable and the clothes were nice. I ordered the items, received confirmation and my credit card was charged immediately. It took the items more than 3 weeks to begin to arrive, which was longer than expected. All items did not arrive at the same time. When the items arrived, they were not as advertised. The material was awful and the sizes were not correct. Nothing was wearable. I immediately looked for the return label, but it was not included. The generic invoice included did not have return instructions or any company information. When I went to the website, the only information provided was the email address. So, I emailed asking for return instructions. It took several days for a return email and when it finally came, I continued to get the run-around. After emailing for more than a week, I finally received a third email that still DID NOT included return instructions. However, they finally said that returns are only possible in few circumstances AND you must pay for international shipping and custom. Needless to say, their marketing tactics are dishonest and they intentionally withhold information. They also try to avoid communication until after the specified time for returns. They should be shut down. STAY AWAY!

Marc –

Victim Location 12180

Total money lost $30

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I purchased something from their website. It never arrived, and I tried to contact them for a refund and they keep giving me an invalid tracking number and saying it will arrive.

Glenn –

Victim Location 20016

Total money lost $88

Type of a scam Online Purchase

This company does NOT ACCEPT returns, and if the clothes don’t fit or are not what you ordered, you cannot return the items to get your money back. They use the NJ address above as a shipping address for postal returns, but claim that their business is in China and you have to return items to China to get your money back. But there is no China address. I lost 88 dollars from this company. DO NOT USE NORACORA!

Ronnie –

Victim Location 22305

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Bait & Switch- Internet scam

Yes, I got taken and it wasn’t until I tried to cancel, after reading scathing reviews that I realized their ops:

1. Constant ads on Facebook displaying great looking woman’s clothes for a reasonable amount.

2. There is no contact information about the company, now called Noracora. Next week it will have another name, on and on.

3. Confirm your order, which you paid shipping, expected delivery will be in weeks

What I did: on both the website and in response to the email, I canceled my order on June 17.

I contacted my credit card customer service and filed a dispute. They have given me a credit and will contact them directly.

On June 20th, I received a response from Christine stating that items had already been shipped and she could not cancel. She offered me a 15% credit. I did not respond.

Reviews of the company read INTERNET SCAM, over and over. also what people received was not only wrong, but appeared to be exceptionally poor quality, poorly made, nothing even close to the pictures posted.

The company will offer 15% off the bill, people who returned their merchandise to China are still waiting for a credit. This is a bait and switch.

Today, July 2, I received a package with what appears to be one item that I can see from the hole in the packaging.

Abigail –

Victim Location 96750

Type of a scam Business Email Compromise

On May 17th. I made an online NoraCora purchase amounting to $88.69.

I wrote back immediately and asked for a tracking number and an expected delivery date, giving them my order number.

Somehow through that order number, I received a response from a previous online order that had nothing to do with Noracora, so I told my bank. Thanks to my bank reversing the charge, I did not lose $.

I never received the items, refund nor a communication from NORACORA.

I have since blocked them from sending ads.

Cody –

Victim Location 30041

Total money lost $53.41

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Noracora clothing website popped up on facebook. I then went to website (which was very nice) I then ordered a shirt and a pair of pants for $53.41. The pants arrived after almost 1 month. The shirt never did come and they will not answer if it will ever come. The pants were child sized and NOT linen. I bought a women’s large which were not only a million times too tight (I wear a size 8 so a large should fit easily) but too short (I’m only 5’5). They actually fit my 11 year old and he’s a little short for his age. I requested an exchange and received back an awful email. It was not an email like you get from a company. It was more like the scam emails from nigerian prince’s wanting to give you money. The email from "Christine" said that I would be responsible for shipping it back to China and that it wouldn’t be worth it because I’d spend more to ship than I paid for the pants. She then said that she would refund 15% and I could use the pants as material. No mention of the shirt and she will not answer the question on if or when that will arrive. I then searched reviews and everyone is having the exact same problem. I found at least 10 reviewers that said pay pal returned their money. Some were dated over a year ago. Why pay pal would still be accepting payments is another matter I guess. Well she ended up returning $6.81 then after reading about the company I filed a dispute with pay pal wanting all my money back. So pay pal took back the $6.81 and closed the case. This is not a real company at all and pay pal is acting in bad faith as well.

Nichole –

Victim Location 96734

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Company advertises linen/cotton clothing. Ads feature well produced pics of clothing at reasonable prices. Ad featured a "flash sale". I "purchased"$140.70 worth of items. Within an hour of submitting purchase I had a bad feeling and followed the company’s procedure for canceling an order. It stated a full refund would be provided if placed within 24 hrs. STATand I would receive an e mail within 24 hrs. I didn’t receive anything despite sending at least 10 e mails within a day. I also found numerous online posts re. this co. All asserting this was a scam. Either no merch. was received, merch received was substandard and clearly not the quality as advertised no refund, unable to cancel etc. Co. states it is in U.K. ,China, and some people reported a New Jersey address for merc returns. 1100 Cranburry, SouthRiver Rd, Monroe, N.J.08831.No phone number or mailing address is given. I have filed a dispute with my bank and submitted a complaint to N.J. BBB. That complaint was closed because co. Not licensed in N.J. Other scammers suggested that pics of clothing were stolen from other online sellers. This co. is clearly scamming the public and needs to be stopped.

Alexander –

Victim Location 91741

Total money lost $125

Type of a scam Fake Invoice/Supplier Bill

Company sent items that were not as picture. Said they accept returns however do not provide a return address. Say items were delivered and they were not. Sent them multiple emails for assistance with no response.

Rafael –

Victim Location 15146

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Purchased merchandise on-line from NORACORA (looked like a legitimate site on May 05,2019, told it would take 10 to 20 days delivery. Rec’d order June 08,2019. Merchandise not as advertised- was to be LINEN but actually poly or cheap cotton, shoes looked like sprayed suede on cardboard. Want to return to NORACORA but there is no return address, looked at their website and no luck-keeps going back to return policy.Any help would be great! They give you 15 days to return from delivery date, don’t think I will make it!!! OUT ! Out 130.00 + dollars. HELP

Tracy –

Victim Location 30114

Type of a scam Online Purchase

On April 29, 2019, I placed an online purchase to Noracora totalling $95.90USD. I admit that I did not do a review on this company until after I placed the online order. A charge on April 29, 2019 from CHICV HONG KONG HK appeared on my credit card. To my dismay, the majority of the reviews for Noracora were very troubling.The company cannot be reached other than by email. On May 15, I followed up with an email to determine the status of my order.I received a response back from someone named "Jules" stating my order is ready and will be shipped out shortly; and they will furnish a tracking number once it is shipped.Once it is shipped, I can expect my order in 10-20 days. I notified my credit card company on May 15, 2019 that the order placed with Noracora is possibly a scam. The credit card company agreed to look into the transaction on May 18,2019 I received an email stating my order is on the way and issued a tracking number KFYUS0001655701YQ. I have not been able to track the package using the above tracking number.On June 1, 2019, I received an email from Noracora stating that my order was fulfilled 14 days ago and they would love to get my feedback. As of June 4, 2019, I have not received any of the ordered merchandise from Noracora. Well, I provided my review online.I am contacting because I want other online shoppers to be aware of this company. In my opinion and those of others, NORACORA is a spam. I’ve learned a valuable lesson and will do a diligent review of companies and limit my shopping experience to US companies only. The links they provide on their site does not permit you to unsubscribe to website, so I had to place them in my spam folder. They are sending 2-3 emails to me daily with deals….SCAM

Brad –

Victim Location 07716

Type of a scam Online Purchase

NoraCora, or ChicV International Holding Limited

?????????? goes by many names. If you check them out online, and look for reviews, there will be terrible reviews, followed, or flooded by ten-twenty positive; over the top “wonderful experience”, “beautiful boutique”, this is an online site, not a brick and mortar shop.

After seeing the Ads on a multitude of sites, (the Ads are promoted by Google.) I wrongly assumed they were legitimate. How wrong I was.

After placing an order, then not hearing anything, I quickly called my financial institution and stopped payment. Only then did NoraCora reach out! This was days after placing the order. Only to be asked by NoraCora customer service, to lift the banking restrictions on my order!

When I wouldn’t, and had PayPal, and my bank both refusing to do so, they said they would issue a full refund. There was no refund to issue!

They asked that I give them 20-30 days to “make it right”!

They have too many names, and constantly switch from one brand to another. Making tracking them very difficult. There is no way to contact them, until your bank freezes the monies. Then you receive tons of emails, yet none that help, or that you can reply to.

They play it off as if they’re trying to help, but it’s all untrue.

If you are a victim of NoraCora, or ChicVInternantional,IC. *CANCEL** & stop all payments immediately. Report it, everywhere you can. Google should be held accountable for this, as they are hosting their Ads, via AdSense. The more you click, the more Google gets paid, and they’ve not listened to anything that so many are trying to tell them. I was lucky, yet there are far too many victims of this fraudulent scheme,

The order was placed on the 4 May, 2019. I did not hear from them, until after funds stopped, and then they wanted me to make sure they received payment for an order I would never see, or would be delivered 30 or more days later,

Karl –

Victim Location 10310

Total money lost $60

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Tried to purchase a coat, they charged my credit card, and 1 month later no coat, no shipping info is emailed to me, no response when asked of the status, now i feel scammed out of my money, i disputed the charges and i hope to recieve my money back

Micheal –

Victim Location 97209

Total money lost $30

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I ordered a dress on August 3rd for a Summer trip planned on August 17th. When the dress didn’t arrive, I went on my trip anyway. When I came home I still hadn’t received the dress, Aug 24th. I wrote to inquire about the shipping and I got a response on Aug 26th saying it was going to be shipped within 5-8 days. I wrote them on Aug 31st asking if the item has been shipped. I received a response 3 days later on Sept 3rd via text at the number listed above saying it has been shipped, however it will be another 10-20 business days before I will receive the item. I still haven’t received the item and texted the number 2034087329 telling them that the timing on this was not acceptable. I haven’t heard from them since. After reading reviews online, it seems that this is a consistent problem. I paid $25 for the dress+shipping. They sent me a link for my shipment and when you click on it, it says "page not found." There is no official way to track what they claim as tracking.

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  1. Placed order 03/2022 only took them 2 days to take my money, but Surprise, still no merchandise. I sent a message to and they claim they do not see my order. I never received a confirmation or an order#, but they sure took my payment.
    I told them that ChicV UK Limited Raleigh got the payment. Completely ignored that Information, said they needed an order #. Told them i did not get an order #. Got nowhere with them. It’s too bad there are people and so called company’s out there that have nothing better to do besides screw honest people out of their hard earned money. They got me for $56.00.

  2. Well girls that didn’t receive are lucky!! Unfortunately, I DID receive them.. unbelievable..I can’t believe that they represent them as clothes? I have been billed..$127.00..clothes look NOTHING LIKE THE PICS.. NOTHING..I WANT TO SEND THEM BACK, BUT NOONE WILL give me the address in CHINA? They were sent from N.Y..parent company’s in London?? I have to send to somewhere in CHINA? I can’t find an address anywhere?

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