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Brian – Feb 20, 2021

yeh I was scammed out of money from these guys to about $8000 . the guy called him self Harvey Lee jr. There also was a nther name Frank or Michael cabeubea . they never delivered anything to me and I have all the proof to prove it and still I cant get compensation from any body they even provided a valid tracking number and web site it’s still on the web check it out tracking. number 1589636514

Alexandra – Aug 26, 2020

Victim Location 95927

Type of a scam Other

I met someone online and after 1 month of texting when I asked to meet him he tells me he has to go to Turkey for work. Earlier in our conversation he told me about his dad dying last year. While he was "in Turkey for work" he said he received his inheritance from the safety deposit box and it was gold and could he ship it to me. He had my address because he wanted to send me a gift. I did not give him my home address but did give my po box. I never did receive a gift. So he sends me this "gold" worth 2.8 million and the shipping coming wants $2826.00 for duty and taxes.

Mathew – Dec 05, 2020

What was his name?

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