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Tina – Jan 27, 2021

I bought one of these and it was far too long. When I tried to return it they said well you can have a credit instead so I said okay I’ll go for that. No response so I said okay I’ll just send it back so they sent me the return label and it was going to cost me eight quid to send it back – So I contacted them again three times saying yeah , okay give me a credit – no response . Dress is in the bin – wafer thin piss poor and far too long ! People beware – go to New Look or somewhere with good customers service xx

Cheryl – Dec 13, 2020

Beware of this company. I ordered sets of holiday lights from a USA address. When they finally arrived, they were sporting an Australian plug.
I asked for an exchange or refund. Did not receive either. Their claim was that I chose an incompatible and plug—(why would I purposely do that?). They have no USA distribution center and returning the items cost more than the items.

The customer service is cheerful and full of useless detail to the American customer while the concept of customer satisfaction to secure cities orders eludes them. A previous order from them yielded two broken cork lights and very short usb charge time.

All in all…poor quality goods and abysmally inadequate understanding of customer service.

Summer – Apr 27, 2020

Order hasn’t arrived, not able to contact company

Donald –

Victim Location 71439

Type of a scam Online Purchase

On Friday December 14th I was doing some online shopping for Christmas. When I came across an ad from Next Deal Shop. They had a deal on those light up work gloves. I decided to buy some for my dad for Christmas. I ordered 3 pairs, the total was $*** (shipping included in total) but after I completed my order I realized that they were coming from China and that they would not be there in time for Christmas. So I emailed the company and told them to cancel my order. They emailed me back and said that they would. A couple of days pasted and I got another email from them saying that my order had already left the warehouse and that they could not it. The shipping was supposed to be 7-14 days. On January 2, (20 days later) I received my package. I emailed the company asking to return my order. They sent me one back with an address and told me that they don’t pay for return shipping. Then I found out that it would cost me over $30 to send back the order. This is how they scam you. They know that it will take more time and money to send the item back and that most people would just keep the item and they win It’s disgusting!! I know there are more people out there with this problem. I hope that there is something we can do about this. I beg everyone not to shop at this place, they are rip offs!!!

Abigail –

Victim Location 29356

Total money lost $40.97

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I saw their ad on Facebook. I ordered a white dress and beach throw. They deducted $*** from my checking account on June 5, 2018.. When I received the two items, there was not a packing slip. I sent many emails and complaints stating that I wanted to be reimbursed. They said that they sent me an email stating how to return merchandise and said to check spam. I did not receive any emails from NEXT DEAL SHOP and checked both my email and spam files. Two weeks ago, a man called me and stated he was sending me a mailing label prepaid and it would take 3-4 days. However, I did not receive label. I cannot find a telephone number for them and neglected to write down the number that he was calling from. All I want is to return the two items and my money returned. I am a Vietnam-Era Veteran and am on a fixed income. Thank you very much!

Sophia –

Victim Location 47130

Total money lost $30

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I saw an advertisement on Facebook for a shirt I wanted from a company called Next Deal Shop. I ordered the shirt and the website looked legit at the time but then I never received any confirmation of purchase or tracking number yet my card was charged. I have sent them multiple emails as that is the only way to contact them apparently but have gotten no response back. Now I am out $**( including shipping- supposedly from Florida). DON’T BUY FROM THEM!

Danielle –

Victim Location 76244

Total money lost $43.73

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I purchased 2 self-rotating constellation night projector lamps on 12/01/16 for Christmas gifts for my 2 grandchildren. One had a pink base and one had a blue base. They were 19.99 each plus shipping. They sent me a confirmation email and a tracking number. I contacted the carrier by email and they said they had no way of tracking the shipment. So I contacted the company by email 2-3 times and they blamed it on the postal service and the holiday mail. They even said my package must not have been scanned by the carrier that’s why it couldn’t be tracked. They issued me a new tracking number which isn’t any good either. Both tracking numbers were dated 12/03/16 and never went any further. The second tracking dates started on 12/03/16 then advanced to 12/04/16 and didn’t go any further.

I’m getting false promises and bad and no information and I don’t have the products that I ordered.

There is no contact phone number to reach them at, which I’m sure is on purpose.

Order # US-162867641

Tracking # LT516444235CN

Carrier was supposed to be USPS # 1-800-275-8777

I have not received anything that I ordered

I paid with them with a Visa gift card and never received the products. They charged me $43.73 on 12/01/16

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