Newmont Elko Warehouse

Roy – Aug 22, 2020

Received an UPS envelope for 2000 from Suntrust bank and Newmont Elmo Warehouse! Scam! I knew it was from the Rockstar Decal text I received to put the decal on my car!
These Fraud Scammers should get a life and get a real job instead of trying to take from hard working people!

Adrienne – Jul 18, 2020

I came home to a ups envelope with a check and note in side. Of course i know it’s fake. I hate people who try to scam other people trying to make it day to day.

Lee – Jul 18, 2020

I received a check today by UPS $2500 but once I opened it I knew it was fake. I Googled the Newmont Elko Warwhouse since that was the sender. When finding this page I just realized it’s because I put in my information inregards to an ad/text for a “job position” to have an item decal placed on my car to advertise and bring up sales…beware of things online that seem too good to be true. I know we are all in bad/uncertain places right now but keep your heads up.

Sharon – Jul 01, 2020

Almost got got. I’m mad I sent my name and address but thank God I listened to the Holy Spirit warning me. The entire process just seemed off to me. They even used God’s name to carry out their wicked doings talking about they’re a “good Christian family…”

Nancy – Jun 25, 2020

The same company sent me a package with a note and check inside saying don’t cash until you text this number. Include your name, check no, and how much the check is for. Since I text them they have been really adamant about me cashing the check. I didn’t not cash the check and I did not respond to them letting them know I cash it because they require I picture of the deposit slip. Since then they are still sending me messages even trying to threaten me.

Tamara – Jun 19, 2020

I posted an add on Craig’s List for 100 + year old Limoges china. A Micheal Benson ([email protected]) expressed interest and asked me to remove the posting so he could trust that I wouldn’t take his money and not deliver. Note the first name spelling which made me suspicious but his English was very poor so I just wasn’t sure. However after many emails about packing and shipping the china, a UPS Express package arrived today with a check for $3200.00. That’s way above my asking price even including the cost of packing and shipping the items. The package return address is Newmont Elko Warehouse and the PNC Bank check account name is Premier Packaging Inc. in Louisville KY. The check looks authentic so I’m very glad I found this site. The appearance of the package and the check are the same as posted by other people. Thanks everyone for taking the time to post your experiences.

Ashley – Jun 19, 2020

Scam ! Don’t fall for it

Marcus – Jun 19, 2020

Just got my second ck from them same address for $975.00 first was $3780.00 they want you to cash text your number I read this on line no it was a scam they got me on Poshmark trying to have me email for a better price I wish I could get them to be prosecuted for this crime!

Katherine – Jun 19, 2020

I received a check from a wrapping company for $1982. I I went on Google and I researched it and it all came back good. The routing number was right the company was right and the account was right to it even have the account number on the website so I decided to take it over to my bank and as of right now it’s sitting at my bank they said I was able to get $200 cash so I took it and I went pay the rest of my rent. I really thought it was a legit company and evidently it’s not I have no way of knowing how to get a hold of them by a phone number I tried. So when I went to look up my stuff on my online banking I said the check was on home no problem there you know it takes up to 10 days to you know what a check get cashed to 3 to 10 and then it said reverse check deposit in my online banking so I started researching a little closer and I came across the envelope and found the address and then the left hand corner of course and this is where I ended up also so I got duped

Joe – Jun 18, 2020

Got same thing in UPS envelope looked official. Glad I called bank first they confirmed it was a scam. Searched address and came to this page. So glad I didn’t fall for it. Wish police in NV. Could do something about this. People be ware of them. They are not nice people!

Devin – Jun 18, 2020

I got a text from a company requesting wrap around advertising. First check came – $19050.50 several red flags went up. I called the bank. NOT A VALID CHECK! I did not cash it. Then I received another text asking why I didn’t deposit it. I replied FAKE. HE SENT ANOTHER ONE $3900.00. Also fake.

Joshua – Jun 16, 2020

Scammer’s phone 0000000000

Scammer’s website Craiglist

Scammer’s email [email protected]

Country United States

Type of a scam Fake Check/Money Order

Initial means of contact Not applicable

I was selling something on Craigslist and I got a check mail to me for 1,950.00 and I was asking 300 for the thing. It looked real but I look it up on the internet and find this site… I can’t believe people they need to get a life and stop Trying to rip people off losers

Tracy – Jun 16, 2020

Got the check in the mail. It is sad that they are using home care for their scam.

Haley – Jun 16, 2020

Victim Location 86326

Type of a scam Fake Check/Money Order

Received a ck for the amount of 2500 dated June 12 2020. Check Number 1893. Routing and Acct: ********* *********  ************ Please do not cash this check. I called the number listed on the paper and a recording machine answered. Too suspicios. The address on the check is:

Caring Hearts Premier Home Care

Lansangan Care Group, LLC

74039 Kokopelli Circle

Palm Desert, CA 92211

Alisha – Jun 13, 2020

Please do not put those checks in your bank account it is a scam. I got one today and I knew it was a scam by the way the letter was typed. The check came from Newmont Elko Warehouse in the amount of $3650.00 and was told to go to the bank and deposit it right away and it will take 24 hour for the check to clear and get a $200.00 Amazon gift card and take 500 out for me and 50 for gas and the rest I am to pay the people that is coming to wrap my car from Basket Robbing Icecream. Everyone I know that it is hard sometimes but if we can just keep the faith God will make away. Please be careful and be safe. Angelia T

Ryan – Jun 12, 2020

Scammer’s phone 270-693-4444

Scammer’s address 4218Ruby Vista Dr #200 Elko NV 89801

Country United States

Type of a scam Fake Check/Money Order

Initial means of contact Not applicable

I just received a check from this company saying it is payment in regards to the Dr.Pepper car wrap advertisement campaign that I applied for . It also says to text them my full name check amount and check # before depositing this check .Also says Don’t do anything with the check until the check has been confirmed. It’s not right for people to scam others especially us single moms that struggle every day , we get things like this delivered by UPS so we think it’s great news just to be let down.

Laura – Jun 12, 2020

I just had a check delivered today by ups from this company .I decided to research this instead of taking it to my bank since this isn’t the first fraudulent check I’ve received .someone needs to do something about these people and [censored] them down permently.

Lee – Jun 11, 2020

Tim June 11, 2020

I posted an item on Craig’s List and received an e-mail from someone claiming to be Gavin Lawrence. The following is a copy of the e-mail: I got your information, I will love to inform you that i will be adding additional payment with the check which meant for the mover who will be coming for the pickup at your location also add additional $50 for holding the Item for me…….. Thank you

Another e-mail sent: How are you doing today? Please be informed that the payment was mailed out to you already and here is the FedEx tracking
#(770576602996) for confirmation. Track it at to know the
delivery time which the check will be deliver To you Today, Once you
have the check today, Get it deposited into your account, it will take
12/24hours to clear. Deduct the total amount of the purchase with
extra $50 for your running around. Also don’t forget that additional
payment for the mover included with the check sent to you, In order
for my mover to pickup my new 2 vehicle I already bought at a location
close to you including the item am buying from you. Withdraw the rest
funds and have it send to my mover so that they could come down to
your location for the pickup. Kindly email back to confirm you got the

By this time I’m thinking this is smelling really fishy and wrote to him the deal was off.

Then I get a UPS pouch from:
Newmont Elko Warehouse, 4218 Ruby Vista Dr. #200, Elko, NV. 89801

Having concluded this was a SCAM I was intent on returning the UPS pouch to Newmont Elko Warehouse. As a last resort in trying to make sure I was sending the pouch back to the correct address I looked it up on the internet and up comes this Scam Reporting Website. Low and behold here are case after case describing very similar situations where innocent people have wasted their time and effort just like me. I have lost so much time, energy and sleepless nights worrying that someone would show up and create even more trouble. Fret not folks it’s another SCAM praying on hard working people during a very hard time.

Krista – Jul 01, 2020

I just got a scam check in the mail too. These people are ruthless. I didn’t give my direct phone number because I was skeptical. First “she” wanted to pick up the item and then later “she” said movers would come get it and get the remaining balance. What? I’m mad that I put my name and address on their but that’s all “she” really has. I think the same person tried to scam me again using a completely different service. It’s unbelievable.

Lindsay – Jun 11, 2020

My father, who has been struggling with working. I saw his mail and this check for $4,500 and could tell by everything in the package that it was a fake. I’m so glad I caught it before my dad could take it in. Makes me ill what people will do to rob others

Katelyn – Jun 09, 2020

Scammer’s website

Scammer’s address 218 Ruby Vista.DR #200

Country United States

Type of a scam Fake Check/Money Order

Initial means of contact Postal mail


Carly –


Virginia –

Well hell na, This here is what y’all doing at anytime, so you people are ruining people’s lives with this scam. Lord forgive you all for the hope that was there and I want you pay for that wrong doing

Heather –


Christy –

This blowhard offered $500 a week to have decals for an energy drink put on my vehicle, and would “pay for up to three months”. When the bogus check came, I was to deposit it and take the first week’s pay leaving $4050 for “detailers to install and uninstall the decals”. Well of course no one in their right mind would charge that. So I googled the first phone number he texted from and it turned out to be “the best female escort in Atlanta” and then I googled the warehouse where the check came from and found this site. Oh, and the check had the name “Peninsula” in the logo and “Pennisula” in the typewritten name. TOTAL SCAM

Luke –

Victim Location 96701

Type of a scam Fake Check/Money Order

My husband got a check from Green Hampton & Kelly,PLLC fir $3,750.00 and to text that number and ask for Mr. Amrou. I immediately told him he better not cash that check for any reason. Like most issues I have read they want you to promote their business…. yeah right I hope these people get what’s coming to them…JAIL. Go scam someone else!!!

Randy –

Hello my name is Rodielson and today I received a cashier’s check for $ 8,930.00 from Newmont Elko Wharehause. I made an advertisement on POSHMARK, a luxury dress, and a person got in touch by message (Lan Tim), email: [email protected], Cell: +1304 220 8618, where we started a negotiation but immediately accepted and offered an extra $ 100.00 to guarantee the deal and withdraw the offer. After 2 weeks without contact, a message arrives from Lan Tim himself, warning me that the check had arrived at my house. I was out of the house and I returned to check. In fact, the check had arrived, but with an extra amount. I went to the bank immediately to confirm the check and was told it was a scam. The scammers contacted me still wanting to know if I had already deposited the check. I informed him of the falsehood and the coup, even so he still keeps contacting me. What do I do in this case. Where can I report? Police? In the bank? Where? This site helped me a lot and not being a victim of these scammers anymore !

Raul –

I just got one of these today and new it was a scam but if you want them to stop contacting you I sent them a bunch of not so nice messages and a bunch of not so nice memes and can’t get them to message me back so maybe this will help you

Jaclyn –

OK so I just received a check for $2500, 06-06-20 for no reason looked up the name and this page came up thank you guys for this page. My check was for $2500 and they wanted me to text them my name, amount of check and check number before taking it to the bank.

Mitchell –

Why are not people charged for fraud ,and in jail company’s like this all these scs people need too be charged

Neil –

This should be illegal ,no one file charges of fraud bye this company.

Chelsea –

My name is Shaneika and I received a check from Newmont Elko Warehouse today for $3,850 with instructions to text a 725-208-0205 number and ask for Mr. James A Foster from paid to drive advert board. Saying text that number before I proceed. It’s a good thing I know how to tell a fake check.

Terry –

I received thus today by UPS. Oh so fake. This is so crazy that some monsters will prey on people is this time, where we all in need. And i hope and pray that no one will deposit one of these fake checks, and have to pay the price for it.

Felicia –

I had a listing on Poshmark. Buyer asked me to email and while figured it was a scam, my curiosity got the best of me. I stupidly gave my address and phone number but then blocked further emails. I received several phone calls and then texts to see if I received the check and deposited it. I knew they were trying to get my banking info so blocked phone. I reported to Poshmark and will also with local police. Such [censored]!

Theresa –

I got this check in the mail signed by John S Braben, and the check is from Alliance for Climate Education in Boulder, CO; but the envelope came from guess where- Newmont Elko Warehouse in NV. I looked up both companies. This is clearly a scam and it is awful these people are doing this, especially during a time when so many people are facing hardships. Shame on them!

Grant –

Scam Poshmark
I posted an item, they reached out to me and asked to purchase this via Cashiers Check and would pay addition money for the item. Then emailed said daughter was in accident and her Dad have mistakenly sent me $1780. instead of $ 178. and for me to cash the check and return the difference less any charges I had incurred. They sent to check UPS Next day (Was not a cashier check but a check from
Hillsborough Title LLC Escrow act. 3637 4 th St, Suite 103, St Petersburg, Fl 33704
Center State Bank of Florida, I REPORTED THIS TO : my bank which is pursuing this fraud to the proper authorities, also MY LOCAL POLICE forward to the FBI and also I submitted this to; The Federal Trade Commission and POSHMARK. Karmas a bit**…they even quoted Bible about trusting ME !

Kari –

Posted some tools for sale on craigslist. This individual emailed me saying they will buy the saw site unseen and throw an extra $50 on to hold it for them. I sent the regular check in the mail for more money and the amount Was $2800. I new something was up because I put the phone number that they were texting me from in Google and came up with this site. The email was from [email protected] Also got one from [email protected] Phone numbers I got texts from was 949-543-0005, 240-745-7762. BEWARE OF THE SCAM

Maria –

received a check and deposit into my checking account and it bounced. when I called the number that was provided and told the person what happened the person hung up.

Maurice –

Just got a envelope from someone saying that it was from their father’s lawyer. I knew that it was fake. So I never opened it.. Now she saying that it bull[censored]… These people are infective [censored]

Bradley –

I just received a fake check. I never heard of this company. The check was for $3,850. I knew it had to be fake . So I googled and this site came up. I really appreciate this page to warn people of these scammers.

Armando –

Scammer number:
Address: Newmont Elko WAREHOUSE
I just received a fake check in the mail. The buyer contacted me through posh mark wanting a dress I put up for sale. Emailed me instead of going through the app asking for an address, number and full name. I asked for 90$ after they offered to pay more if i held the dress for them. The woman who was contacting me said her daughter was in the hospital and she sent me extra money of $1,500 that meant to go to the hospital billing. Good thing the bank was closed because I was about to deposit the amount due and I had told the women she could trust me. The bank was closed, I told her that i would try later. Then something was off. Nagging and nagging to deposit it to an atm and send a deposit slip back to her. I’m glad I did not because I could lose a lot of money.

Alberto –

Scammer’s phone 7757784863

Scammer’s website Newmont Elko Warehouse

Scammer’s address 4218 Ruby Vista Dr. #200

Scammer’s email ?

Country United States

Type of a scam Fake Check/Money Order

Initial means of contact Not applicable

Person by name of Edward L Mattingly sent me a cashier’s Check for $1,280.00 drawn from Fort Knox Federal Credit Union POBox# 900 Redcliff, KY 40159-0900, also know as Abound Credit Union. I put a item on Ebay for sale asking for $250.00 for the item. I received a response back on Ebay from the buyer, wutef_0, saying he messed up his Paypal account. Some how he texted me asking if he could mail me a check. I texted him back giving him my name & address. He sent the check by UPS to me but the return address was Newmont Elko Warehouse 4218 Ruby Vista Dr. #200 Elko, NV 89801. I “googled search” the return address & found out about the scam. I knew something was “fishy” when I got no response from him after I received the check.

Jaclyn –

Scammer’s phone 276 807 8185

Scammer’s address 4218 Ruby Vista Dr #200

Scammer’s email [email protected]

Country United States

Type of a scam Advance Fee Loan

Initial means of contact Email

I got a check from 4000 an 900$ but it was [censored]

Trevor –

Scammer’s phone 12053013221

Scammer’s address 4218 Ruby Vista Dr. # 200, Elko, NV 89801

Scammer’s email [email protected]

Country United States

Type of a scam Fake Check/Money Order

Initial means of contact Online classifieds (e.g., Craigslist)

Buyer agreed to purchase a personal item on Craigs list. Then sent a check for much (thousands) more than the agreed price. I was then asked to cash the check and pay the extra to the movers. He said it was extra because the “movers” were going to pick up other items elsewhere. This would have required me to front the money to “movers” and give my item to the movers while the check cleared. Not a risk I was willing to take.

Lori –

I had a picture on eBay for sale at auction for 400 a gentleman message me by the name of David asking if he could pay 700 to me but he message me on a cell phone number not the eBay app wanted me to send him the information my name and that address where to mail the check I receive that and tried to cash it and was unable to. He said when it came I was supposed to msg him back. It came in the amount of $1,730 the msg said $1000 for the movers and for whatever I’ve not heard from him since this is a scam phone number is 507 502 2 2 5 5

Kenneth –

Got a $150,000. Dollar check from a gal on Instagram and she claims she doesn’t have a bank account and would like to know if I could deposit the check at the ATM and then send her what ever I could with draw. I took it to the bank and didn’t deposit the check at the atm
The bank said it was fraudulent. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is… I was correct.

Cristina –

Omg I received a fraud cheque too! And they made me send them extra money ! I ended up losing $1080 and plus the bounce fee from bank!

Jeffrey –

Another Scam! I received a check for 3,600.00 which didn’t match the letter I received with the check( strange). Which I did my own research( nothing added up). We are hard working people; while you sit your lazy self figuring out how to scam people! Sad, what goes around will come back at you! Newmont I hope you are doing something about this, because it makes your company look bad? DON’T CASH THAT CHECK ITS FAKE.

Katie –

Just received this today 4-16-20,
They want me to send a text to 323-379-3748
1) name
2) Check Number
3) Amount
4) Is the check properly sealed When Received
I didn’t send the text.

Eugene –

craigslist ad for a Harley Davidson Trike Kit (made by Richland Roadster), within 1-2 days I got a text from an email address – [email protected] – wanting to buy the kit. It seemed fishy, and Craigslist warns for scams like this. Especially receiving Cashier’s Checks or like. The Ad was for $3500. When I responded with name, address, and cell, I got another address: [email protected] Strange all the way around. Whoever this is reply was wanting to send an additional $50 for taking the ad down, which I haven’t done yet. Also, I said USPS regular mail would be fine. There’s a $9,550.85 Cashier’s Check from Bank of America arrived today (04/14/2020) about a week after the initial reply… Not even going to try to cash it! Thanks for advising and I’ll respond to FCC, Craigslist, etc., to help stop this crime. Yeah, it’s definitely an attempt to steal, destroy, and commit fraud.
Scott Davis

George –

Scammer’s phone 1(949)543-0005

Scammer’s email [email protected]

Country United States

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Initial means of contact Online classifieds (e.g., Craigslist)

I posted on craigslist about selling a Gucci necklace that I own. Less than 24 hours later I get an email from this random person saying that they are interested in my Gucci necklace. I respond great I am willing to negotiate price if that is what you would like. He responds know I’m going to add an extra $50 to the total price of 290 as you take off the ad from the app when you get the check deposit it and my movers will come and get the purchased item as they have other items to pick up from the area. I responded with the information that he needed to send the check. I received the check and a text message saying that the check is for over $2000 And that I was to take out the money that was for me and the rest will go to the movers. (Keep in mind this is a necklace) I responded that I am not going to continue with this transaction I have changed my mind I’m going to send the check back to you it’s under and if anybody shows up to my house I’m going to take a picture of the delivery person as well as their license plate. Please don’t fall for the scam it is already nerve-racking I hope nobody else does the same thing! Please be safe!

Martha –

There was this lady who posed on Poshmark asking to buy one of my dresses. She proceeds to tell me to contact her via email. She begins to tell me that it was her husband’s secretary will write the check n send it to me. I thought it was just questions about the dress n all and I thought it was weird that she wanted to send me a check in the mail that was supposed to be for daughters “medical” bill n how important it was. She told me that once I received it to take out the amount then return the check which was sketchy. Then she proceeded to text me all night about receiving it. Thank goodness I had a friend that works in the bank that told me it was a scam n not to cash the check. Although it’s disappointing that I post a sale cause of these kinds of people but I’m glad that I didn’t lose a bunch of money.

Benjamin –


Lacey –

Got the $3500 check from Newmont Elko Warehouse. Was expecting a shipment so was bummed to find it being just evil people trying to not earn their living honestly like the rest of us. Did research and found this site. Thank God for you! May they have a conviction so deep. Must be hard to sleep at night..

Patrick –

Scammer’s phone 515-325-1186

Country United States

Type of a scam Fake Check/Money Order

Initial means of contact Text message

Selling my vehicle. The scammer said he was a Chief Master Sgt. stationed in New Mexico. Scammer sent me a check for $2,700 saying to take out the money for the vehicle, then pay the rest to the people picking up the vehicle. Scammer told me to deposit the check in my bank account, but I went to Amscot to cash it, and they told me it was counterfeit.

Cassandra –

Got a ups check from a warehouse Topsys popcorn& ice cream for 3050.00 3 diff address co bank and return on ups doesn’t add up.

Grace –

Same scam – My son was advertising a desk for sale on craigslist. Someone UPSed a checked to him from the Newmont Elko Warehouse 4218 Ruby Vista Dr. #200 Elko NV 89801 and then called to say they see the check arrived. He might have cashed the check except it was for $870 more than he was asking for the used desk. Not sure what they are doing beside passing bad checks and trying to steal money from someone else’s checking account. I suspect that if you cash it, your bank account info will be stolen.

Rafael –

OK so I just received a check for $3500 for no reason looked up the name and this page came up thank you guys for this page you save me for a trip to the bank and They wanted me to hurry up and deposit the check so that I could pay the people to wrap my car in a Red Bull ad

Susan –

got the same one

Johnathan –

Got a check today n found out it’s a fake n Fraud if you get it it’s all same address no return phone number sent on a fake td bank check just rip it up n contact newmont elko

Fernando –

Selling heels of all things, lady played the same game with me…sent me TWO checks for $2,100.76 each. Look legit, but I looked it up thinking it can’t be right. I HATE the XXX in this world sometimes that TRY to take advantage of others! Get a damn life! SCAMMERS!

Ricky –

I also just received a UPS next day air check yesterday for $2,444.00. Even amscott told me the check was counterfeit. and yes they tried the whole overpaying thing. didn’t work Bitches! so [censored] and your lil Scams!

Lawrence –

So today I got a package from ups inside was a check for $2,550.80 nothing else they must have forgotten my the return address on the envelope newmont elko warehouse all 0’s for the phone number and address 4218 ruby vista dr #200 elko Nv 89801

Alison –

other phone numbers they use 609-543-4933 & 312-300-9580
email addresses:
[email protected]
[email protected]
same return address from NV.
Check was from JSC Grill, Inc
Ceviche Loco Restaurant
7861 Lake June Road
Dallas, TX 75217

Miranda –

I have been scammed by the United Nations Headquarters in Chicago IL. At least I was told it was them who sent me this forged check from Gallagher Bassett Services Inc. (Name on check)
Called them. Not their check. Then I checked to see who sent it and it was Newmount Elmo Warehouse in Elmo NV. 89801. What is wrong with the world today? The address is the same

Maria –

Posted a set of automotive wheels through Craigslist on 2/28/2020. Received message from 707-243-8178 that they are would like to buy the wheels. UPS delivered a cashier check on 3/20. The check is from Navy Federal Credit Union and looks legitimate. The check amount is $2730. I was selling the wheels for $350. The buyer told me to keep $500 due to the long transaction time and I was to arrange shipment with their contractor. Who will offer extra money without prompting? Also what prevent me from cashing the check and not send the wheels? They make very lousy businessperson. Very suspicious! Called the credit union to validate the check. They confirmed the account number is not validated. The check is supposedly from Scott Morgan. The return address on the UPS envelop is: Newmount Elko Warehouse, 4218 Ruby Vista Drive, Elko, NV 89801. Google map shows the business as Cashman Equipment Parts, not Newmount. Sometime the scammer uses 469-213-7156 as an alternate number. Before accepting any transactions, please verify, verify, verify!

Alicia –

Told the scammer I did not have a cash app and requested an account for direct deposit. Here is the information provided. Information was submitted to FTC.

Bank: Chase
Account name: Raji Bashiru Tope
Account #: 587632008
Routing #: 044000037

Bridget –

My daughter sold 4 pairs of designer shoes and a designer bracelet on PoshMark. This “company” sent her a check and overpaid her. She deposited the check and they told her to Venmo the overpayment and put the. Bracelet in mailbox for pickup since buyer was local. I happened to see the check and told her is was fake. Then read her the riot act for being young (24) and gulible. We called bank, pulled check from her account, and closed account. SCAM! Never again. I told her EBay, where both buyers and sellers are protected via PayPal. Where is the law? Shut these a***s down.

Misty –

This SAME thing happened to me. I posted on Craigslist a vending machine that is in my office… posted it for $750/obo, within a day or two got an email saying they were interested and to email them back at [email protected] I emailed back gave them all the info about the thing and said they could come see it if they wished. Next day I get an email from a completely different email ([email protected]) basically continuing on the convo from the previous email. This is the email –“Thanks for getting back to me, I’m satisfied with the price and the condition on the list, kindly withdraw the advert from list and considered it sold. I will add extra $70 with the original price while you remove the ad., My husband will overnight a cashier check drawn from a local bank and i will make the pick up arrangement as soon as the check clears and you have your cash
I would have come and take a look and purchase with cash, but my work frame {event coordinator} is tight. So, I’ll need you to provide me with the following information to overnight the Payment.
Name to be on the payment…
Address to mail the check to…
City, state and zip code …
Final Asking price…
Cell phone # to text you on …
The check will be overnight to you asap and deliver to you within 48hours. Thanks”–

Today I recieved a check from UPS and this email from “Mable”– “Good morning, how was your night ? the payment will deliver to you today and here is the tracking number ( 1Z 426 E93 01 4576 6384 ) via UPS. Once you receive the payment, you are to go ahead and deposit it and deduct your payment so that I can email you pick up arrangements and mover information that will come down for the pick up once the check cleared. Looking forward to hear from you soon.
Thank You!”
Since then I’ve gotten a few text messages from this “Mable” wanting to know when I will be depositing the check and it would be easier to deposit it with mobile deposits. After I opened the check I noticed the different names on the envelop and the check I got a little curious about it and went looking… it all led me here… Glad I didn’t just deposit the check and get screwed over…

Sergio –

I also received a check from the newmont Elko warehouse for over $4100. When I googled the name on the package, this is where it took me. I had put an ad on Craigslist for some speakers and a guy by the name of Joshua replied saying he wanted the speakers and he was going to send me a cashier’s check for the amount I requested. I was suspicious about the check because nowhere on it was his name, and it was for almost twice the amount I was asking. He gave his self away when he texted me today and told me he had noticed the check was delivered today.

Stacey –

My husband was sent a check for $2050.00 and was told the same story as all the others. Deposit the check and then send a portion to them for some sticker or wrap to be placed on his truck and he told him that he decided he didn’t want to go through with it and to cancel this they still sent the check.

Micah –

Scammer’s phone 631 315 9312

Scammer’s address 4218 RUBY-VISTA DR #200 ELKO NV 89801

Country United States

Type of a scam Fake Check/Money Order

Initial means of contact Postal mail

I got a email saying that I could put a sticker on my truck. And drive around with it on there for $500 a week. I did what the letter said to do. Now I’m out $1850.00 I deposited the check in the bank they took it. Cashed it three days later the bank is calling me about this.

Hannah –

I however just got this I sold an item on poshmark and I got the same line spill… I sold Aa pair of boots for 300… I too just received a check via UPS for 1,500.00.. and told me the same instructions as everyone above along with the same address as everyone else… what can I do… her name she gave me was Sarah William phone number 909-284-4511

Sharon –

This just happened to me. I have a purse on Poshmark and they sent a check for $1985 for a $650 purse. Check from planters bank with Christian County Grain as the check writers. This account was closed according to CCG. They are supposed to come pick up the bag and the cash money left over.

Jacquelyn –

I received information a couple of weeks ago stating that I could get paid approximately $500 a week to advertise for Monster Energy drinks. I had sent an email requesting more information and did not talk with them after that until today when I received a check in the mail for $3,661.81 with no note or explanation. The UPS envelope stated it came from Newmont Elko Warehouse in Elko NV and the check was from FedEx Payroll services? I realized I had received an email back regarding the Monster energy advertising and they stated that they sent the check and wanted me to deposit the check and take $3,100.00 out to wire to the company that was going to come out to wrap my vehicle… This is a complete SCAM!

Carly –

Funny how my check looked exactly like yours, [censored]

Seth –

Same thing just happened to us. They wanted us to advertise Monster drinks on our company vehicles. When we got the information with the tracking number and everything we tried to contact them to find out exactly where they were delivering the check to. We called UPS and they couldn’t tell us. We even asked the lady Debra Carter who was supposedly our POC if we could call her and she originally said “Hold on. Let me Check. We tried to call her several times from two different numbers but got no answer. Her number is 6464553369.

Bridget –

Ok on March 10 I was selling a bike on OfferUp for $375 I was texted by a guy named Alex (later he told me his full name was Alex Montayo) he told me he was interested and to text this number +14305620300 I knew something was off when he said he wouldn’t be able to pick it up himself but will have mover’s come for it because “he had them picking other stuff up around my neighborhood”… All and all same story as the rest he sent more money-($1850)… I was told to deduct the payment for the bike and said I had to pay the mover’s the left over money through cash app or zelle I asked 3 times for the mover’s name and finally got this response…”Here is the mover zelle email to have the funds $1425 sent to [email protected]
Cynthia Hackman”.. I knew it was 100% a scam after that but still I played along… Today I received the check with a company check and no name of Alex Montayo… The address on the package was from Newmont Elko warehouse 4218 Ruby Vista Dr #200 Elko nv 89801… his check looked fake I didn’t have to call the bank on the check because I knew it was fake and I have never heard of this bank here in Florida (1st national Bank and trust of Ardmore)… Please be cautious with this fraud… I even went as far as asking for at least a picture of him and his name on an ID to prove I was speaking to an Alex Montayo of course he said he couldn’t do it…

Amanda –

The Email associated with my scam is [email protected]

Julie –

I posted a pair of heels on Poshmark and a lady told me she was sending me a cashiers check for my asking price plus an additional $70 for holding them… she stated that she had “Movers” that will be in my area and I’m supposed to immediately put the check in my account in the amount of $1,328.20. I’m supposed to keep the $120 for the heels and then give the remaining 1,208.20 to the “movers” I asked her to call me directly and she said she was hearing impaired! I told her she can just pay for the heels through the site and I would send the heels directly to her (Makes more sense Right?!) I asked her who the “movers” were and she told me once I deposit the check then she will give that info! I started getting suspicious from the start! Just saw this site and I have the EXACT ENVELOPE and CHECK! The check arrived today 3/13/20.

Karl –

A “Scott Morgan” tried to get me as well for a wheel chair for a dog for 250. Then his name was Luke. Offered 50$ extra to hold it for a day or two. Then sent check and I looked up address in Nv which brought me to this blog. Thank you guys! I want to take this guy down!

Veronica –

I got the same envelope and check today but a different bank and amount

Bridget –

Really close to what I got too. Different info and amount on check.

Martha –

Same scam story that others have posted. Contacted me about an item I was selling on Craigslist, mentioned that they couldn’t meet in person and would send a check. It started to sound odd when the individual mentioned having me deal with their movers so I told the person to cancel the check. Still received the fake check in the mail and shredded it. DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THESE FOLKS.
Email used: [email protected]

Rose –

Scammer’s email [email protected]

Country United States

Type of a scam Fake Check/Money Order

Initial means of contact Text message

Posted a listing on craigslist and was contacted via email by [email protected]

It stated it could not meet in person and would send money by check and it be expidited through UPS. It proceeded to say that we must cash it and pay the person the remainder for “pick up” everything about is total scam!

Barry –

got a letter asking to contact Mr Mike (732)724-0241 by text so the explainantion of what to do with check can be told to me.1st is fact that there is not a check in the envelope.2nd is that the address looks to be a Cat dealership,and 3rd I am not selling or advertising anything for these people to send me a check for..Dont know how they got my info,and I would like to know these people are in jail.

Elizabeth –

I was selling my 1967 Mustang on Craigslist for $9000.00. The email came from Steven Jozef Barks email address [email protected] He couldn’t come look at it in person but he wanted to buy it and would send me a Bank Check. I received the Cashier’s Check today 3/10/2020. The return label is from Newmont Elko Warehouse and the Cashier’s Check is from California Sheet Metal Works in El Cajon, CA The check was for the amount of $15,000.00 drawn on UnionBank with no Bank Address. He wanted me to deposit the check and pay the Transporter $6,000.00. I knew something was wrong so I contacted California Sheet Metal Works and they told me the check was a fraud. I was the 10th caller already this morning. He’s scamming cars, boats, trailers, camera equipment,etc. Unfortunately people that called her were already scammed by him(them). I can’t wait till he texts me back so I can tell him to [censored] OFF.

Melissa –

Scam alert – Received a check for $3900 to pay for a craigslist posting of only $1000. The “extra” was for the movers to come and pick up the item sold. I called the bank on the check and was told it was fake. I also called the number (901-261-0467) on the text I received and no one answered.

Chelsea –

I have an ad on Craigslist selling a sofa for $300 dollars. I received a check on the amount of $2,900.00 from Joel Alexander who asked me to deposit the extra amount into his bank account.

Alana –

The envelope was posted in Jacksonville FL

Ernest –

I just received one of these bogus checks. I put an ad on Craigslist to sell an old vehicle.

The name used Lena Hall, phone 917-409-4386

Received check for $4850.67, well over my asking price. I must say she was persistent, still sent it after I told her that I must have a check drawn on a local Bank and I would have the Bank call the account holder to verify that they issued it to me.

The government needs to do more to catch these THIEVES or educate the public. I hate to think that some people actually fall for this crap.

Brad –

Just got one of those checks in the mail I’ve had multiple emails threatening me with the FBI if I don’t cash it

Brianna –

This morning I found a UPS folder on my door step, It had a short letter and a check.
You do not have to be smart to see it is a fake. Then I get a message with the routing number of the UPS folder asking me to verify that I had the item. Then I got an email with the same tracking number and a story about secret shopper at Walmart… Also Fake. What will they try Next? PLEASE DO NOT EVER answer such a scam !

Sierra –

Scammer’s phone 0000000000

Scammer’s address 4218 Ruby Vista Dr. #200

Country United States

Type of a scam Fake Check/Money Order

Initial means of contact Online classifieds (e.g., Craigslist)

Was selling some vintage cocktail glasses and ended up waiting 2 weeks for the payment of a cashier check that ended up being bogus.
And the number I was communicating with him was +15306489284 and he said his name was Kenneth Edward. I was only asking $400.00 for the item I was selling and they sent me a for $1,950 and I thought they know the value of what I was selling and was gave me more for what they are worth.

Ruth –

Nothing new to add, except I was selling a $300.00 table on craigslist, and they send me over 10k

Brett –

We were selling a vehicle…they overnighted a counterfeit check(Navy Federal Credit Union) and requested that we send $9000.00 to their “shipper” and then once the check clears they will come and get the vehicle…but wanted the 9K first. We of course went straight to Navy Federal who confirmed the check was counterfeit. We have now contacted the Sherriffs office they are on the way to make a report because the amount of the counterfeit check was 24K.

Kurt –

Received 4k check and told scammer I never received it (I did :). He sent me another check and I told him bank is asking for 2 forms of ID. He asked why and I told him it was something about fingerprints on the check and check fraud and FBI interest. Never heard from him after that. Scammer called himself Anthony Adams / 574-622-2744

Gary –

I was sent a check for $1850 00 from AltoOnebank. Ups mail. With Newmont Elko Warehouse
Newmont Elko Warehouse
4218 Ruby Vista Dr. #200
Elko NV 89801

To warp my car for a Xerox Company. The Hire Manager name is Eric Smith. So I decide to let him no I called Altaone federal bank to verify the check he sent me. Before I deposit it into my account. Once they get back to me. I told him I let him no about the money. Now he not respond to me no more. Cause I pulled his card and knew it was a scam.

Frederick –

I got the same exact one.

Bradley –

The same happened to me on Offer Up. The guy said his name was Richard and phone number 863-438-1415. I listed furniture for 1400.00 The check was from Law office of Yuriy Moshes PC in Brooklyn but the check was shipped from Newmont Elko Warehouse in NV. I told him his check was fake and I would not be dealing with him. He said he would call the FBI so I said go ahead, please please call the FBI. I did not know if I should report to local police but someone above said FTC so I will report there.

Jessie –

Our company checks were forged and have been sent to many people who have listed items for sale on CraigsList. Each person received checks for more than the amount of the item listed. The forged checks are completely accurate down to the signature; therefore, when the victim receives the check, the bank recognizes it as being a real check and attempts to clear it. This gives the fraudster more time to have the victim pay for upfront shipping. After the victim pays the moving company or shipping company, the deposited check bounces, and the fraudster is not heard from again. Here’s the phone number of the fraudster: 678-682-7039. Light his phone up and give him a hard time.

Jason –

These guys continue to send victims our forged checks. About 5 per day are being deposited. . The account is real but our controls won’t allow the checks to clear. I’ve been trying to contact the victims, as I can see their name and address on the deposited checks. . With a Google search I’ve been getting some contact numbers. I

Angela –

Same here. Got a fake check sent from that same Warehouse. Their phone number is:

Please harass this guy too. I will message your guy some love as well 🙂

Valerie –

He has already blocked me as I had a few choice words to say about his mother.

Jacquelyn –

This fraudster is using this phone number for many active frauds as of today, 2/27, so if you blow up his phone with texts and phone calls, it really is going to affect his ability to rip people off.

Maurice –

Tried to sell shoes on Poshmark and they said they accidentally sent me my money with the money for their daughter. They wanted me to keep $200 and send them $780. They were very sketchy and so I looked everything up and found all of these stories that were exactly like mine.

Haley –

Got the same but my check was over 3500 w a guys name on a letter named James A Fostor

Jillian –

Got my first check today and not long afterwards a text telling me I needed to cash the check keep my part and send the rest of the cash to the technician that would be out to my house on Tuesday. I politely text him back that there was not enough time for me to get the check cleared and have the money by then. I also told him I didn’t think it was a good idea to send anyone cash and I didn’t receive an address as to where to send it. He just text back that he would look forward to hearing from me on Monday. He is in for a surprise but I’m going to play along until the end. LMAO I just hate this for people that have fallen for it. I’m a single mother and it would have been nice to have the extra money but knew it sounded way too good to be true. I thought it was hilarious that whom ever I was texting actually believes I will cash that kind of check and just hand over that kind of money. The check is for $3790 and I get $700. 🤥

Jason –

Guys name was James A Foster ? Lol

Gregory –

Same happened to me…They would wrap my SUV with the Mountain Dew logos. Knew it was a scam but kept them hooked as to where, what, when & how. Today they think I put the check for $2450.00 in my bank. They asked for my bank info., my deposit slip & such. I told them NO, not until the check clears. Mind you I know it won’t cash but string them along is kind of fun. We’ll see what tomorrow has in store for them.

Kaitlin –

Same happened to me…They would wrap my SUV with the Mountain Dew logos. Knew it was a scam but kept them hooked as to where, what, when & how. Today they think I put the check for $2450.00 in my bank. They asked for my bank info., my deposit slip & such. I told them NO, not until the check clears. Mind you I know it won’t cash but string them along is kind of fun. We’ll see what they say tomorrow.

Catherine –

Just received this check by ups and it was for me to have a logo ad put on my vehicle, this is second check I’ve received in a month. First one was to purchase gift cards. Did not fall for the scam but have been threaten daily by the ppl who sent these checks to me. Be aware ppl! They can’t do anything to you. It’s a scare tactic…

Jesse –

Toda, my son received a $4,000 check via UPS NEXT DAY AIR with a typed message inside that says, verbatim, “The Payment is from The Company and This Notification states that you should Text this #(302) 316-5861 to confirm this check is in the right hand and you have the check .. You are to text your Name on check and the check Number for Confirmation and Verification to this # ? (302) 316-5861

Address on the envelope was:
Newmont Elko Warehouse
4218 Ruby Vista Dr #200
Elko, NV 89801

I was able to locate one of the 2 people (not company) that the check references it was from and informed them. Hopefully they can do something with the information I provided them and bring these [censored] to justice!

Michelle –

I got one to the only thing I can think of was a scam to use my car to advertise Jones Soda and when they said to pay the guy who comes to apply advertisements and I keep the rest I knew then it was a scam, didn’t give it another thought till this check showed up today, damn i could really use the three grand but I’ll go turn it in. I’m so sick of having to wade through the scammers online to do an honest deal. Wish I could turn the tables on them now that would be fun!

Kimberly –

Also just received a check for $1,888.00 and emails requesting Walmart gift cards to pay delivery service for Bianchi bike sale for $200 off Craigslist for bike pick-up of the excess money. Suspected these texts and emails from a Vanessa Hiatt with a gmail email to be a scam… I am very glad I checked 800# to verify funds with the bank SunTrust. This check was drawn on a company: Chronos Solutions, LLC in Coppell, TX.

Address on the overnight UPS envelope was: Newmont Elko Warehouse, 4218 Ruby Vista Dr #200 Elko, NV 89801. No instructions included just the check.

Francisco –

I fell for the pay with a eBay card for a travel trailer it was a hard lesson and even tho it’s only money I could quit thinking [censored]ing STUPID I am. I’m a college educated woman of 64 and I thought I was pretty savvy, I’m a graphic artist and I can reproduce any logo but it’s illegal to sport a trademark not you own . But this eBay one was exactly their logo everything looked on the up and up. It wasn’t till my friend asked me if I checked it out 5 minutes after I sent $1200 bucks not to mention driving 40 miles into town to find the stupid cards that I realized I was screwed. Well I took it like a big girl but I’m fired up to figure out a way to catch these crooks at their own game, I think that if they can fool me God help the poor sucked that sends their last dollar for something they truly need and it never comes! But it taught me one thing how to pick out a scam right away. It seems to me there’s got to be a better way to make a living.

Theresa –

I just received one of these bogus checks!

Gary –

I just received one of these bogus checks!

James –

I received a check for 3624..00 from Newmont Elmo warehouse in Elmo nv prentending to be Kellogg company they are email me and texting me threading me with legal action I already took the check to my bank and they informed me the check is fake so I surrendered the check and the letter to my bank I can’t believe I fell for this scam how can they shut them down

Dustin –

Just received a check for $3,600 thought the universe had blessed me but guess not lol do grateful for Google. But it did make me wonder if there’s poison on the check cuz why would someone waste postage to do such a thing they would never benefit from? It’s witchcraft maybe voodoo idk but I’m tossing in the shredder now.

Desiree –

Sold Item on Craigs List and received a check (?) for more than the agreed price.
Had Communicated with two people “Erma Mason” and “Vince Centeno” via email and text…which I can provide.
They wanted me to cash it and pay shipper the balance… but the Check had PHOENIX misspelled under the company name that they were claiming to be. The envelope was marked as shipped UPS from Newmont ELKO warehouse, ELKO NV. …but I did UPS tracking and it came from Jacksonville FL.
I checked out the company on the Check and they were not aware of the item or the purchase… I texted the person that insisted that I just deposit it… and asked them questions about the Company that they claimed to be. They couldn‘t answer any questions.
I will turn over Texts, Emails, Phone numbers and names to the local authorities.

Allison –

YOU ARE A GODSEND! Here’s how I handled it

Dana –

Thanks for the tracking tip. Our son tried selling sneakers on the net and received a check for $1,500 above the asking price, with instructions to hold that for a shipper. The UPS return address was the Newmont Elko Warehouse but the tracker indicates it was actually sent from Leesburg, Florida. I sent all the info the FTC.

Sharon –

All I want to say is that right at this moment I almost just got arrested, for trying to cash one of there lousy check.

Nicholas –

Please spread this message all cashier check images must be sent to [email protected] to assist in investigation .. Clear and scanned images will be helpful in catching this criminals

Roger –

I just received a check from Newmonk Elko Warehouse for $4500.00 Re Elizabeth F WYKA from from the bank BMO HARRIS BANK . Got a text message for me to cash the check and fine the vendor 400 when he comes to wrap my car. Lol my car is in the shop is this a scam

Naomi –

Please spread this message all cashier check images must be sent to [email protected] to assist in investigation .. Clear and scanned images will be helpful in catching this criminals

Erin –

Victim Location 29715

Type of a scam Counterfeit Product

They told me they were sending a technician too put a logo on my car for 11 weeks and pay me 400$ each week.

Haley –

Put vehicle for sale on Craigs List. Scammer was going to pay me $50 extra and send Cashier’s check with additional funds for people hauling the vehicle even after I told them I would not accept a check with extra funds for haulers. Suspecting it was a scam, I took the check to my bank and ascertained it was ascam. Scammer used the name Nastya Karpova (Russian singer), check was delivered by UPS with return addressNewmont Elk Warehouse in Nevada and sent from Massachusets. Phone numbers were from all over USA. Correspondence was through email and message texting.

Eddie –

My husband (Jessie Smith) and I (Colleen Smith) received numerous email from Matt Chandler the Hiring Manager for Monster Energy. We were supposed to put a decal on our vehicle in turn MonsterAdvert was to give us $400.00 a week. We received a check for 2483.78. This was our first week and payment to the decal installer, but when Jessie took the check to the bank it was stolen or other.

Marc –

Please spread this message all cashier check images must be sent to [email protected] to assist in investigation .. Clear and scanned images will be helpful in catching this criminals

Cara –

I received this Cashiers Check From Educators Credit Union, P.O. Box 081040, Racine, WI 53408, Check Number 0003106746, for $3,470,55. It says that I must speak with Mr Marcus Johnson, Financial Secretary of the S. K. Energy Company. The Check was sent from Newmont ELKO Warehouse, 218 Ruby Vista Drive,#200, Elko, NV 89801. It says I must “Text” (313)426-4040 before cashing the check! The Check was signed by Linda B. Hoover and RE: Latoy Jones. Banking Code: 0003106746; 275981378; 887601.

Billy –

received Newmont Elko warehouse for 2,550.50. supposedly will be paid to put a wrap on my vehicle for rush energy drink for 500.00 a week. Received an email the funds have cleared and to contact them that the check has been deposited. next step in scam will be to send the 2,000 to the person that will wrap my vehicle. Then the bank will say check is a fake and presto I’m out 2000.00. Did not deposit and reported it to the federal trades commission. My problem is it seems this scam goes on and on with no justice to stop these people and people get hurt. Scammers have scammed people out of millions of dollars. It’s time to bring this to an end and bring them to justice and accountable for their actions. I am hoping with enough complaints to the FTC this can be accomplished.

Roberto –

Phone number (206)745-2051 attempted to send me a cashiers check for $1550 on a $50 item, instructing me to send the rest to their shipping agent. Obvious scam, I got the check from Newmont Elko Warehouse in NV. I played with them for days, eventually they blocked me when I told them I would only release the money in person to their shipping agent if come to an address I provided with the correct password. The address was my local police, and the password was “ACAB”.

Maria –

Please spread this message all cashier check images must be sent to [email protected] to assist in investigation .. Clear and scanned images will be helpful in catching this criminals

Alana –

I received a check in a yellow envelope not sure what its for. I do publishing warehouse and I do casino. There’s no instructions just a check. Can I cash it in Florida its from out of state? Idk what to do. Please help. I got it through ups mailnext day air. Is there anyone that got a check like this and cashed it? Is it legit? Or is it fake? Help Please.

Samuel –

My wife and I just received our checks under our front door mat. Some one knocks on the door we got out, and the person was gone didn’t even hear van drove away. We have receive two checks for $ 3,589.53 from two different bank with two different signatures, with two instructions on how to spend it. From Newmont Elko warehouse. The check was from SunTrust bank, and Champlain National Bank. Out of curiosity I’ve google the warehouse to find this site. I’m contacting the authorities to report this mess.

Latasha –

I just recieved one just now ten minutes ago from a John Lee texting me what should I do

Pamela –

scammers number:(951)703-3355,(979)426-5354,(574)261-7717,(915)257-4630 scammers address:4218 RUBY VISTA DR #200 scammers name:JOHN RAYBURN,,,,,,i got 2 checks from theses Rat [censored]. I’m telling you,If there was anyway for me to meet these people. they would not be sending anymore checks out. cause they wouldn’t be able to use there fingers. I’m sending all my checks and names and numbers to the FCC. they told me they can trace the numbers and just maybe get a fingerprint off the UPS and CHECKS they have sent me. my girlfriend just got a check today and when she told them they put a 9 day hold on the check,he ask why. we told him the bank said they have gotten alot of fraud checks in the last 3 weeks. so please all the people out there. DON’T TRUST THESE RAT [censored] IF THEY SEND YOU A CHECK,turn it into the FCC they will get caught one of these days and i sure would like to be there when they go to court. K. Wilson from Tennessee.

Walter –

Please spread this message all cashier check images must be sent to [email protected] to assist in investigation .. Clear and scanned images will be helpful in catching this criminals

Tara –

Same MO here. Was selling something on Craigslist and woman responded with all this nonsense about sending cashiers check…paying extra $30 for me holding the item for her/him, broken English, paying the movers out of my bank account. Are you kidding me? I ripped up the check and told them I will contact the authorities. Don’t fall for this scam…although I think it is hard to actually fall for it. Makes no sense.

Shane –

Please spread this message all cashier check images must be sent to [email protected] to assist in investigation .. Clear and scanned images will be helpful in catching this criminals

Brandy –

Hey I got a check from maybe this same woman, Jane Thomas. My check was for 1950.00. I was selling a 200.00 item on Craig’s list also. Told me to keep 30 dollars for my trouble. I knew it was a scam from the start. This check was drawn on CNB bank in Monett, Mo. but mailed from the 4218 Ruby Vista Dr. #200 in Elko, NV. I was to deposit this check, send the “movers” a M.O. for the balance. The mover is Benjamin Lynn in Baltimore. Really? I live on Long Island.

Charlotte –

Also received a check for $1500.00 and a text message wondering why I hadn’t deposited the check yet. Beleived it to be a scam, glad I checked to make sure! Sounded like an easy job to have a decal for a sport drink on my car.

Address on the envelope was: Newmont Elko Warehouse, 4218 Ruby Vista Dr #200
Elko, NV 89801. They are very clever and make things look official!

Kristen –

Received a check yesterday for $2400. I called Wells Fargo and the automated system verified the account was accurate. What do I do?

Paula –

Victim Location 14606

Type of a scam Fake Check/Money Order

Received text message offering me money to wrap my car with their advertising of a sports drink. Have info to get back to me. They sent a check out UPS for $3945 and a phone number to text them back to have the company that will put the wrap on. Check it out on line and had a warning out for them. Don’t cash the check.

Kaitlin –

Recognized it was a scam but they sent a check anyway. Received UPS Express Envelope yesterday. Broken english and a obvious scam situation. Claimed they would have someone come pick up the money and product. Same address as others Elko Warehouse 4218 Ruby Vista Dr. #200 Elko, Nevada 89801.

Derek –

Wow, being USAA I would have assumed correct.

Priscilla –

I received a check for$1,950.12 today but I have been watching this and have reported the e mail I got about a month ago said I had been selected to do advertising from a company named teal construction in Texas and now the check is from Arizona credit union and now I’m reporting this one please don’t fall for these scams

Jillian –

I got a call saying I have been

Selected to receive money to help better my life from the 678 area code with some foreigner telling me how much it will help. Had me answer some questions and then he told me how to answer them for his boss to make sure to receive money. . I hung up and never answered his boss calling back like 30 times. Couple of weeks go by and get a check from elko nv with a phone number to call

Toni –

Scammer’s phone 657-205-8131

Scammer’s address 4218 Ruby Vista Dr. #200

Country United States

Type of a scam Advance Fee Loan

Initial means of contact Text message

Saw the ad for where all I had to do was put an advertisement decal on my car & get paid $400.00 a week. Got the check by UPS today. Along with instructions to deposit $1800.47 into my bank account, keep $400.00 for myself, pay the remaining $1400.47 to the technician who puts the fecal on my car.

Ann –

Got the same. My bank 7 day hold.. if this isn’t real I’ll keep my $500 anyway. If I can legally do that. My check is for 2,997.–.

Maurice –

This just happened to me too! I had a text sent to me about the whole put a decal on your car and get paid thing. Never heard anything else but got a check in the mail for $2500 but with no instructions or explanation so was quite confused until I looked up the address and saw this! Thank you for exposing thus scam so I didnt get trapped by it!

Andrea –

Scammer’s phone 0000000000

Scammer’s address 4218 ruby vista dr #200 elko nv 89801

Country United States

Type of a scam Fake Check/Money Order

Initial means of contact Postal mail

Received a check and found out it was fake. I don’t even know how the company got my name and Address. Please someone needs to do something before someone does get hurt

Tristan –

The police and I are going to my bank and will explain it all to them. My hope is to help us all!

Crystal –

Has anyone tried depositing the check? What damage has been done?

Samantha –

I recently recieved a check from Newmont Elko Warehouse 4218 Ruby Vista Dr. #200 Elko, Nevada 89801. This is a cashier’s check dated November 14, 2019, check# 6788002443, Pay to the order of my name, amount $2450.00, from Wells Fargo Bank N.A. 103 Old Country Road, Carle Place, New York 11514, the remitter’s name is Gaudy Hernandez, operato I.D. u676059 a463618, phone # 000-000-000. This check is complete with watermark and endorsement box. I found the warehouse and called the number and they had no idea of what I was talking about. SCAM so beware!

Carly –

Scammer’s phone 339-244-0565

Scammer’s website Unknown

Scammer’s address Unknown

Scammer’s email Unknown

Country United States

Type of a scam Fake Check/Money Order

Initial means of contact Postal mail

I received an UPS envelope with a Cashier’s Check in the amount of $2950.00 with a note with this on it: Good Day,from Rock and i want you to text this number (339) 244-0565 with your full name,Amount on check and the check number as soon as you receive the payment,Before taking it to the bank for approved It was drawn on Community Bank N.A.

Ashleigh –

Victim Location 94706

Type of a scam Fake Check/Money Order

I listed an item for sale on Craigslit and received a text message from a Rachel Austin asking me to email her to confirm it’s still available. I texted back anyway as it was unusual and received "[Auto Reply]: Please email only. Thanks"

On email she said she wanted to secure the item, she would be out of town for a little while for her daughter’s wedding and would add an extra $50 for holding it. She later emailed to say her husband’s PA made a mistake and a check is on its way with more money than due – and that it’s actually for the pick up team who are doing a few pickups in the area. Would I mind paying them out of the check? I said sure – I’d be away for a few days on business but once the check has cleared we can arrange pick up. I didn’t realise in the US that bad checks clear. They don’t in the UK.

‘Rachel’ grew impatient – emailing me for updates and berating me for not letting her know the check arrived. I repeated the schedule that I’d previously emailed about – but became aware at that time that this definitely was a scam. Her language did not match her name – she grew lazy and abrupt, and it was apparent that English was not her first language.

A check arrived for $1,980 (the item was $270), printed with a logo for ‘T.RowePrice Invest with confidence’ from State Street Bank and Trust Company, Boston, Massachusetts 02101, dated 11/4/2019. The check has a ‘scratch box’ security feature on the back which does reveal a code (04501) when scratched with a coin. The signature is pre-printed, but some may not notice that.

She chased again this morning so I’m going to go back to her now under the guise that I’m naive and a little concerned, as I’m interested to know where this will lead.

Glenn –

Scammer’s phone 0000000000

Scammer’s address Newmont elko warehouse

Country United States

Type of a scam Advance Fee Loan

Initial means of contact Postal mail

I was selling something online and had a “buyer” interested and I received a over night envelope and it came with a check for 1,285.00 and she wanted me to pay her “movers”for her which was never discussed in our emails , this is fraud !

Fernando –

I also received a $950.00 fraudulent check from Newmont Elko Warehouse, FedEx tracking number 1Z426E930143357516. We requested a cashier’s check for bikes they say they wanted us to ship. Check drawn on Comerica Bank, Detroit check for Michigan Humane Society. Someone needs to get the Feds involved to catch these scam artists. We’ve alerted Comerica Bank, Michigan humane society and Fedex.

Jacquelyn –

Scammer’s phone 000 000 0000

Scammer’s address 4218 Ruby Vista Dr #200 Elko NV 89801

Scammer’s email Unknown

Country United States

Type of a scam Fake Check/Money Order

Initial means of contact Not applicable

I got a yellow envelope from UPS on November 5th 2019 with a check in the amount of $1480.00..and nothing else I wasn’t sure why I got it I thought maybe was from a casino I play, i didn’t look at envelope until after i deposited it via mobile deposit. Only after a hold was put on check did i start questioning and doing research. I’m sure now it’s probably a fake check. I hope im not in trouble with my bank as i didn’t know at time of dep and still don’t haven’t been told yet but again after research i feel it is…

Rosa –

You will be liable for the full amount of the check. Sorry [censored] are scamming a lot of people, or trying to. A lot of the things don’t line up. I posted an item on Craig’s list, Long Island.
“Jane Thomas” contacted me from Baltimore,(?). sent a check in the amount of $1950.59 for a $200.00 item. Told to deposit the check, get a M.O. for the balance less $30.00 for my trouble and mail the balance overnight by UPS or Fedex to a “mover” in Baltimore. The check is drawn on a bank in Monett, Mo. and mailed from the Elko Warehouse, Ruby vista Dr. Elko, NV. Just didn’t add up. I played with this person for 2 days with emails just to bust their chops. I also contacted the cops.
Watch your back and your mail box.

Dana –

What happened?

Jonathan –

Correction: package shipped UPS overnight, and I just tracked it and see it was sent from Sarasota, FL! Creeps!

Rebecca –

We got a fraudulent check from the same place delivered by fedex. They claimed to be purchasing bikes from us and we requested a cashier’s check, but received a fraudulent check drawn on the account of the Michigan Humane Society. Luckily we didn’t deposit it and ship the bikes, as we called the bank and the humane society to verify fishy check. Alert the Feds.

Jonathon –

Victim Location 43235

Type of a scam Fake Check/Money Order

I placed an ad on craigslist to sell my boat. Then [censored]w*** contacted me 10/27/19. My guess is that this is a hacked Address.

10/30 I received the check by ups. for $7,500. asking price for boat was $4,500. Nothing else in package. My thinking is that no one is going to spend 7.5 K when I was asking only 4.5 K. and ship it across country.

Last email from them was

From: Shirley OOO

Sent: Wednesday, October 30, 2019 10:20 AM

To: (***)

Subject: Re: Jon Boat

Good morning, how are you today ?? the payment will deliver to you today and here is the tracking number ( ** *** *** ** *** *** ) via UPS. Once you receive the payment, you are to go ahead and Deposit/Withdraw the movers fund! Deduct the total amount of the purchase with extra $70 for holding the item so that I can email you pick up arrangements and mover information on how to get the the movers fund send to them once you have the cash. I will like you to visit your bank and deposit the check as soon as you receive it this morning or You can have the check deposit via Mobile deposit Online Deposit, ( You will log in your bank account online access and have it deposit via mobile deposit to make all available within 24hrs, OR Visit Your bank to made the deposit ) Looking forward to hear from you soon. I will send text message to your cell phone number to make an arrangement for the pick up . . Thanks


Thank You!

I sent this email back to them. cause I feel this is a scam. No reply back.

Shirley OOO;

Good morning.

I apologize, My family and I decided to keep the boat after all. I will shred the check when it comes. If I my suggest. You can go to any marina near you or order same boat on line, motor and trailer and save yourself

about $2,500. Again I apologize.



Molly –

Victim Location 78611

Type of a scam Fake Check/Money Order

Received UPS Express Envelope yesterday. UPS tracking # 1Z 426 E93 01 4520 4561. Return address From: Newmont Elko Warehouse 4200 Ruby Vista Dr #200 Elko NV 89801. No phone number provided. Contents was an "official check" from Arizona Federal Credit Union P.O. Box 60070 Phoenix AZ 85082-0070. Check dated 10/08/2019. Amount of check was $4,550.24. Check was pay to order of (my name). Illegible signature. Banking code on bottom of check was "10407151" :322172797: "0000386250" Back of check very official looking with endorsement block, watermark, and information listed re security measures contained in the check. No instructions or other information in the envelope. Googled return address without much success. Called Arizona Federal Credit Union and was told this was a fake check and advised to shred it. Also was told to expect some contact that would outline "instructions" no doubt requesting payment for "fees, etc". Sure enough, later that evening a text message was received from mobile phone 707-243-8178. Transcript as follows: "Hello, I got text from the UPS that the check had been delivered to you already. Kindly get back to me for further instructions. God bless you" My response: "SCAM!" Texter response "What do you mean by scam?" My response: "Reporting this matter to TX Atty General" End of communication from texter.

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