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Preston – Nov 25, 2020

I have not applied for a loan, yet Chad Church from New American Funding calls repeatedly, despite my number being on the Do Not Call list. He is calling up to six times per day. I have never filled out an on-line form for a mortgage as he claims, and I am not even thinking of buying a home. Total scammer. Calls from a masked California number, leaving messages on my phone beginning at 5:30 AM.

Sean – Aug 03, 2020

Victim Location 55347

Type of a scam Other

I’ve recently been apply for mortgages and someone from with this number says they are from New American Funding. They have called several times, leaving voice-mail each time, asking if it is me and waiting for me to say yes. I have received 7 calls today all with strange voice-mails asking if I can hear them when I obviously did not answer.

Neil –

Victim Location 48092

Type of a scam Phishing

We received a phone call for a mortgage loan, my father is trying to get a house. They claimed they are New American Funding. My father gave them all his information. I checked the 888 area code number online and people have got the same voicemail and reported it spam.

This is the voicemail text they sent.

Hey there this is Chad Church at New American Funding and I am calling back off of your home loan inquiry and I would love the opportunity to just kinda sit down chat with you over the phone a little bit on who we are what we have the offer and see what we can come up for you. Best number to reach me at would be 888-205-6059 and I’m Chad church with New American Funding and I really do look forward to it. Thank you so much and have a have a wonderful day. Bye now

This is the voicemail text they left. Plus a voicemail voice that I have saved.

They called from a 586 number , location Armada MI. But in the voicemail they included 888 area code. Then 10 minutes later we received an 3 emails from Tia Lockett from phone number 949 445 8386. It’s a business From New American Funding from California. But they got my father’s information from a 586 4602974 number. He never applied from a company in California, when we live in Michigan. But they used a number from Armada, MI to get his information. This is a scam call to collect my father’s information from new American funding business in Tustin, California. I want to report who tried to steal my father’s information.

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