Angel – Sep 01, 2020

I received my shirt and it is excellent. Website is here

Aimee – Aug 27, 2020

I had the same experience, I tried to cancel my order with them when I realized the error and my friend received her order and it was printed wrong and they wouldn’t issue her a refund. They have a full refund requirement page and I met those requirements and they are saying it’s too late we are printing your shirts anyway. I tried calling and I got a text back about the issue. They said the same thing so I sent then a screen shot of the email threads showing I met the requirements and now I haven’t heard anything. I plan on calling and texting all day today. Sad that companies are like this. Do not buy from them!

Shana – Aug 27, 2020

I came across a Facebook add for a company that took your pet’s photo and customized t-shirts. I really was skeptical at how well they could get the liking onto a shirt from a photo but figured I’d try it out. Semt in a photo of a friends dear dog that she had lost and in a few days I received an email with a proof to review. I had actually missed the email coming in so luckily nothing needed to be proofed but they shipped it out a few days after that email. I believe it shipped from New York and arrived in Washington for delivery just before her birthday. I was amazed at the quality and likeness to the actual photo that I sent in and she loved it! I tried to go back to get one for myself but know their site seems to have disappeared. Really hope I can find it an order another with my dog that I recently lost.

Adam – Aug 29, 2020

Here it is.

Rodney – Aug 26, 2020

Similar experience as the other complainant. Have tried numerous times to approve pictures, it takes days to get a response and then the excuse of their website was hacked. I’m not getting SPAM text messages daily, too many to count. This is a complete and utter scam!

Bridget – Aug 29, 2020

[email protected] this is their correct email. I have had numerous emails go back and forth, no problems.

Jesus – Aug 24, 2020

Victim Location 11101

Total money lost $60

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I was directed to a website to purchase customized clothing with my dog’s face on it. The website looked legitimate and so I followed through with my purchase which was paid via PayPal. I should have known right away that it would be a scam when the name appeared on PayPal as "My Fihu Pte Ltd" but I trusted it was just a parent name of the company or something.

Immediately following my purchase, I received a confirmation email with an order number claiming they would notify me when my items are being shipped. That was already red flag #1 since it was a custom order. I was expecting to receive a notification about proofing my items first. Red flag #2: a day or so later I received a "Website is Broken Down" email where the merchant apologized for their website being hacked and that I should place any new orders at this new website ( and that my previous order would still be processed as soon as they figured out the current hacking issue. They even went as far as creating an error page to make it look like the old website had broken. The email was poorly written and that’s when I became suspicious. I followed the link to email their "support team" from the body of the email which was still addressed to the supposedly hacked email domain to ask if my order and banking information was protected. I looked through my email just yesterday to see if I received a response and not only did I not have a response, but I had no record of ever sending an email to the old email address. So I just wrote another email and cc’ed myself to ensure I have a copy of all my communication with them.

I dug a little deeper on their website, telephone, location, terms, policies, and it’s riddled with typos and what looks like old business aliases. When you call the telephone number, it just rings until you get a generic voicemail box saying "The party you are trying to reach is unavailable. Please leave your message and we will return your call as soon as possible." I feel like such a fool. Needless to say, I reported them to my bank and am currently disputing the charge as I fully believe this merchant has no intention of ever fulfilling my order and is hoping that many other people will fall for the same tactics I did and steal from thousands of innocent people. Please don’t fall for this!

Russell – Sep 01, 2020

I received my shirt yesterday and it is perfect. Don’t give up. Email them at [email protected] The website is here

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