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Morgan – Jun 13, 2020

Hello, I was done the same way with Rachel Stone. She keeps trying to threaten me with the police, like I told please have them come so that I can tell them about you and your fraud company. I’m not scared I told her, so send them I will be waiting. Nothing , no money for what I have already done.

Dawn M.

Alex – Apr 10, 2020

All I can do is echo what has already been written.
Now that I know that it’s a scam, I will no longer be forwarding the packages.
They will remain in my garage until I receive payment for the work I have done ths far.

Tanya – Mar 25, 2020

If you use MSP Logistics or DFY-Logistic your package us going through a 3rd party package handler. The 3rd party does not get paid and that means you mean ght not receive your package.

Theodore – Mar 19, 2020

This person contacted me and offered a job to deliver packages. Get paid every 30 days. No tax forms. No direct # to there service. International#only.
Rachel Stone
MSP Logistics Inc.
[email protected]
I was scammed by DFY international they never paid me. After 30 days.

Naomi – Jul 22, 2020

I was done the same way ha this is crazy .. I had shipped over 30 packages, I should have kept everything I mean I could have sold them for how much I was owed for working :/.. anyway that we could sue or find the lead person of this fraud distribution

Neil – Apr 08, 2020

Rachel did me the exact same thing never got paid definitely a scam! This is what she sent me

We pay monthly by check, the date depends on the date the first package you’ve processed was delivered to the final destination, allow 1 month since that date. The payment include base payment of $1800 and $20 per each package you’ve processed.

Best regards,

Rachel Stone
MSP Logistics Inc.
[email protected]

Terry –

Victim Location 43223

Type of a scam Employment

The company reach out after they got my number from one of them job search sites. I was happy to have another job so I didn’t pay that much attention at first. They had me sign a application and that was it, nothing for taxes so that threw me off. They send packages and then you send them to the next site the thing is it’s like you the receiver is the one that has sent the package. Also when you get it has your address but a person that does not live at your house. It began to be too suspicious to me. And this is the address to where I would have to print out the shipping slips

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