MPE Equipment Supplies

Jaime – Jul 24, 2020

Victim Location 92270

Total money lost $4,895

Type of a scam Online Purchase

After they took my close to $5,000 I never received a return phone call as to when they would ship my sewer cam. This one time easy to contact company suddenly became unreachable.

I really trusted their sales rep! I know they have a job to do and sales is not an easy job but don’t go so low as to offer prayer knowing I’m a believer. I found out that it isn’t a Company at all. It is a website created by one guy, and he runs the whole thing. The phone number is his, the email is all his. This guy acts like he has multiple employees working for him, but he is working completely solo. The building on his website, isn’t his at all. It’s a plane building with a picture of his company name “MPE Supplies” added to the side of the building pictured.

After about two weeks, I finally heard back from this guy. He had all these different excuses as to why he didn’t return any of my phone calls, voicemails, emails, text messages, company phone calls, emails, or voicemails. Over a period of 3 days almost of excuses, he finally shipped out the product to me, refusing to let me return it. Then telling me there would be a restocking fee charged on top of the shipping and handling fee’s that I would be paying for myself. But still refused to let me return it. So after I finally opened the package, I took one look at it and realized…this was NOT what I ordered. It was missing all of the important parts that I needed to get the camera to work, such as WiFi, missing the key pad, it had no wheels, and with it weighed in over 40 pounds wheels are important! I was supposed to receive a free ridged scout locator, which I didn’t, and I paid for a 2-3”mini roller skid and I received a skid for 4” pipes! Which again, is not what I ordered and I cannot use a 4” skid! I don’t inspect those size pipes!

It’s just awful that what I thought was going to be a great business endeavor has ended up being a nightmare for me and my family. You just don’t steal a mans way of supporting his kids and pregnant wife.

Evelyn – Feb 18, 2021

Hello, I am replying to your review from MPE equipment and supplies. I was doing some research online and found it odd that they do not have one single review on Facebook, yelp or anywhere else. For some reason their website says that they are located in Arizona but when someone named Mike Martin returned my phone call, two days later, he told me that they are located in Arkansas. He also told me that they have several other locations in the country one in Texas and another one in New York where he himself is located. He then went on to tell me that he had three more repair shops one in California and other states. When I asked him what city in California the repair shop was located in, he was not able to tell me. He replied “somewhere near Monterey“. I also found that to be a red flag. Looking further into it online, I found a site that named the owner or management of this company as Martin Schnur. That is very close to the name Mark Martin, which was the name that the phone salesman gave me. I had to search the Internet long and hard to find your review and I am glad that I did my research because it would’ve been tragic for us to lose that amount of money. Sorry this happened to, but just know that you saved another plumber from going through the same thing.

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