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Tommy – Sep 28, 2020

My girlfriend was also scammed $500 to get me one of her kittens for my birthday and all the emails seemed pretty real. I can’t believe people are so heartless

Evelyn – May 14, 2020

Miss Kirsten Cattery Home tried to get me too but I researched and finally saw that the email they provided for Zelle had been reported as a scam. Also, I was going to use Zelle or the cash app because once you send the money you can’t get it back.
When I sent them an email requesting to see additional pictures of the kitten and for them to FaceTime me with the kitten, they didn’t respond to my email. Also I mentioned in the email that I had a brother at their location to pickup the kitten. I believe their website no longer exist. It’s a lot of pet scammers online.
I’m so sorry that happen to you.

Luis – May 04, 2020

Victim Location 47725

Total money lost $500

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I was looking for a maine [censored] kitten, found this website.

Miss Kirsten Cattery Home

I entered that I was interested, a lady (or male) emailed me some more information, said the kitten was available, and pictures of the said kitten. I emailed her back and forth, she texted me off of a phone number (1 time and has not replied to it ever again), over a day passed. She kept in contact, I purchased the kitten, she sent me a video of the kitten. I paid 500$ for the kitten, and 100$ extra to ship him to me. Sent her the money ($500) off of Zelle a money transfer application. After receiving the money, they continued to email me, had me sign a "transfer of ownership" paper, told me he was leaving her that morning and a carrier would email be with flight details. After 4-5 hours, I got a phony email from a "PetFly" email. Which was also fake. I looked up pet fly websites and found the name similar and same exact photo logo on a real website, in which this scammer had copied the info. I caught on after already being skeptical for a bit. I emailed, texted, called the number with zero reply. After giving me "flight info" the carrier emailed me that the carrier the kitten came in wasn’t approved to fly that far and I would have to purchase a "thermal regulator kennel" and was an extra $770. I emailed back and said for someone to call me or I wasn’t paying a dime. No reply since then from the carrier email, ([email protected]). This woman goes by "Kirsten Scott, Zelle I.D is "Nikena Scott", Zelle email is ([email protected]).

Joshua – May 07, 2020

Which cat did you try to purchase?

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