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Angelica –

Victim Location 85736

Type of a scam Tech Support

I logged into the web site (or tired to) as instructed by the officer at Pima County Adult distension center. As soon as I hit enter – I received a error message on my computer – informing me that my IP address had been blocked. The error message instructed me to call the phone number of 1 877 628 6264. When I called the number a man by the name of Frank answered the phone stated that my IP address had been cloned and that I could take my computer to a Microsoft store and pay $1,500.00 to get it fixed but that I would be without my computer for 15-20 days. Or I could pay $699.99 and get it fixed on line. When I explained that I did not have that kind of money – Frank stated that I could do a one time fix of $299.99. Frank also stated that he was going to transfer me to a level 5 tech who would help me further – I was transferred to a man by the name of Daniel Parker. While I was on the phone with "Daniel", my daughter called C-link to see if this was a legitimate issue; Zack at C-link ran a test on our phone line and stated that the IP address had not been blocked. Zack instructed us to call Dell – (I have a contract with Dell for tech support/protection on my computer). My daughter explained the issue to Brannon and he instructed her to have me hang up the phone and close out of my computer which I did. Brannon ran a security check on my computer system. Please note – while I was on the phone with Frank and Daniel – we were disconnected several times – Frank and Daniel both called back but the ID call system on my phone showed two different phone numbers – 1 702 940 6750 (Frank) and 1 702 940 6595 (Daniel). This issue stated at appx 7:45pm on 5.25.16 and I was still receiving calls from Frank at 11:11 pm. I have reported the web site issue to The Pima County Adult detention Center and the information was going to be given to a Lt. Hamilton.

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