Alan – Aug 22, 2020

The same experience that the previous complaint had. I was looking for kn95 masks and saw the question and answer that maskshell had authentic kn95 masks. Well I feel for it and scammed for $70
87. I purchased through paypal but they are not helping. Please help these criminals are taking advantage of the pandemic.

Autumn – Aug 25, 2020

I ordered from them they took little over 14 days but they arrive I wrote an email asking about my order and they replied within the same day with tracking info. The kn95 mask are legit I did the water and fire test on them and they’re legit

Rachael – May 06, 2020

Victim Location 96001

Type of a scam COVID-19

I was looking for disposable face masks on and in the "Customer questions and answers" section for a couple different disposable face mask listings, the question would say, for example,

Q: How many mask do you get!!

A: 20PC, but I found a place that has disposable masks and kn95 mask with FDA and CE certificates,they came in timely. They are shipped by Fedex. If you want qualified masks and ship in time, I recommend you try them. LInk: m a s k s h e l l. c o m

By Shyshey on May 6, 2020

Once I saw the link name, I typed it onto my web browser and reached their site. They are selling totally counterfeit N95 masks and saying they have certificates of authenticity, which are clearly fake. They are also charging an OUTRAGEOUS price for the number of masks you receive so they are price gauging during this crisis to say the least. Each product they sell has 5 or 6, 5 star reviews which are totally fabricated. I left a comment to see if it would show up and it didn’t, of course. Once I realized they were a complete overpriced scam I looked into their company info. No address, phone number or shipping location. Only customer service info is the email address I put in the description. They are ripping off frightened people and giving them a false sense of security by saying the fake masks they sell work. I hope you can find them and hold them accountable for their crimes. Thank you! Best of luck to you and your families during this crazy time. Take care and God bless

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