Marty Buds Golden Retrievers

Tabitha – Aug 15, 2020

Marty Buds is a scam. The individual who says he is a salesman is African-American who’s name is allegedly Amir Betances. His speaks English with an accent from one of the African countries. The email that him and his girlfriend use is [email protected] and they will ask you to transfer money via Zelle to this email for puppies. This is a lie and a scam to steal your money. Later,;when you transfer the money, they will tell you that they will send the puppy via VATICANWAY SHIPPING COMPANY, which does not exist, but will try to convince you that it is legit because of the name Vatican. It is a lie. I have informed and involved a couple Federal Agencies to locate these individuals and stop them from stealing money from you and your children.
Below, I will ad a photo of an African-American female who’s image appeared on the email [email protected]
However, her photo was removed. It is no longer set as an image on the email.

Valerie – Aug 01, 2020

After going through basically the same experience as OP, we finally realized that 99% of the online site were scams. Every company that we found selling puppies were sending the same response and only accepted cash app or Zelle. Neither offer any protection for the buyer.
We finally realized that we would have to buy local, so we can actually see the puppy. It’s frustrating that people have this much time to scam, and they ruin it for the good guys.
Just make sure never to purchase without doing research-lots of research, and research the way you pay.
We are lucky and finally found our newest member, and as hard as it is, it’s worth the wait. If it seems to good to be true, it is!

Darryl – Jul 20, 2020

Victim Location 98370

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I did an internet search looking for golden retriever puppies. This site was listed. I enquired about one of the puppies listed. They said it was available. The puppy cost was unusually low. They said all I had to do was pay them through Zelle and they would ship the puppy. I was uncomfortable with that type of transaction. They even wanted me to screen shot my Zelle transaction and send it to them for verification. After doing an extensive internet search about the company, I was convinced it was a scam. I asked them to send me a video of the puppy with the date and them saying my name. They would not. So I did not follow through with the transaction. These people are so frustrating. I was trying to do an honest search for what I wanted and they ruined the experience. This should not be allowed to happen.

The address listed for the company is for a Pet Store.  According to, the registrar is out of Panama with all other information on the company restricted.

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  1. Had the same issue with Marty Buds. When we did the transaction thank goodness the company denied the transaction as a scam. They even called me up to get my bank routing number. Yeah right like I would send that. Marty Buds in a scam. Same picture for two years of the puppy Matt in Christmas costume!

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