Insurance Phishing Scam

Insurance Phishing Scam Reviews, Check Insurance Phishing Scam Scam or Legit
Paul –

Victim Location 13090

Type of a scam Phishing

Initially was called from # 814-240-1619 (Erie,PA) did not realize as I was vacuuming. As I shut off the vacume I heard someone talking on my answering mach. Was expecting a call and picked up. He asked for a man I’ve never heard of. After hanging up I looked at the # and discovered that my Nomorobo had blocked the first number so they called back with a 698-371-6666 # with Nomorobo as the caller! Went back and listened to the message they were leaving, it was a Vince from some insurance with a file # and a completely different number to call back(844-635-3227). Never heard of person they were looking for, I usually NEVER pick up unknown #s. Just happened to be vacuuming when I was expecting a confirmation call. Interrupted his message so never got “file” #. All numbers come back shady after searching them. Hopefully not someone trying to sell needless crap to the elderly, first thing I thought when I heard insurance.

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