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Grant –

Victim Location 78413

Type of a scam Employment

I received an email from someone claiming to be HR Director for a company called Infinite Tech Solutions. He claimed to have gotten my information and resume from and invited me for a phone interview. Then, I received an email stating that I had been hired for the position and to send an acceptance email. Once I accepted the job, The man called to give me instructions on assisting with setting up a new office in my city. I was told that they would be sending me a check to deposit into my personal account for "office expenses". Of course I declined and asked to speak with someone from their corporate office or someone locally that could verify that this "job offer" was legitimate. I was told that if I didn’t feel comfortable that he would find someone else to do the job. I called him out on his SCAM and he called me a "scensless" person and dared me to call the police.

Taylor –

Victim Location 75214

Type of a scam Employment

I emailed back and set up an interview… I should have known better but I did it very quickly without thinking. Obviously I realized after a little searching that it was a scam. He did actually call for the “interview.” The questions were normal, but I could tell he wasn’t really listening and his accent didn’t match his name or location at all. He asked me if I would be interested in the job, but I had to work from home for three weeks till the office opened. I said I’m not comfortable with giving personal information to people I have never met over the phone. He got rude and said fine I will interview other people. I answered the phone call because I wanted to confirm it was a scam so I could warn others about it. I really want to get the company name and info out there on the interwebs!

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