Inspection Complex

Inspection Complex Reviews, Check Inspection Complex Scam or Legit
Samuel –

Victim Location 83651

Type of a scam Employment

I found this company as a suggested employer by And proceeded to sign up. Got a phone call, person asked if I’d like to work from home, that the trial period would end in 31 days, after that I’d receive compensation. As the 31 day rolled by, I noticed I wasn’t receiving anymore correspondence from Bradley which is suppose to be the training manager. This opportunity I was banking on getting paid so I could get out of debt, however that isn’t the case. Due to the suggested amount I was to receive it being close to 3200 dollars this company completely ghosted me and have not received any additional information. This company sends you packages to your home address for you to send out. They require a copy of your photo ID, to compete the process for employment, making you the star for their ponsy scheme.

Haley –

Victim Location 80030

Type of a scam Employment

I received a phone call asking if I be intrested working from home and I was intrested so they email me an application I filled it out and the job duties would be to receive packages inspect them and then put a new label on them and ship them out I have read reviews after already starting this job saying that people never got paid after their 30 day trial. I questioned Bradley who is supposed to be my manager asking about the concern and he told me that another company Called quality complex used their website information and are now being sued by inspection complex I also googled the address where I’ve been shipping some packages and it’s at 6 Mary Lane in New Jersey and I’m just curious because when you Google that address there so many fraudulent activity happening there as of right now I’m not going to send out any of the packages I have at my home because I don’t want to be an accomplice to stealing I need help on what to do with the matter I called the police department and they said I can’t take the packages there I also don’t wanna keep the packages at my house and I don’t wanna send them out if they are not going to pay me for my work and also of its not legal.

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