Worldwide Logistics Corp.

Carlos – Aug 04, 2020

Victim Location 33156

Total money lost $200

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I was in contact with a seller on Craigslist who was selling a ragdoll cat for $300. This was a private agreement that then became very complicated very quickly. I was not able to pick up the cat at the time of the agreement since I was moving homes. So i communicated this is sent over $100 to secure that I was interested in the cat. The following weekend I confirmed adress, pick up time, and location. All went well, and we were due to pick up the cat and make final payment on a sunday at 12pm.

The saturday before she texts me that she had a family emergency and that she had to quickly uproot her family and move to San Antonio, she took the cat with her instead of communicating to me that she was leaving in a hurry. After this we try to work with her as she ensures us that she will be able to ship the cat to us on her dollar.

The next day she went to a company called WorldWide Logistics Corp. supposedly based out of San Antonio. They sent me an email shipping confirmation with little to very basic information on it. In clicking on their website, it was clear that its pure fraud. Sure enough, an hour and half after I received the "tracking" number for my cat, I received an email that they needed a refundable $550 sent to someones personal cash app account to cover the cost of " insulated crate" for the cat. Why wouldn’t they state that in the beginning? what big time logistics company uses Cash App for transactions? They also have no privacy section on their site and phone numbers lead you no where, They want to you send them money through Cash app for expenses not stated on their site or in person. I believe this lady is working with this apparent company to trick people into sending money for house pets. It seems to be a very intricate trick to steal and lie to customers, all while playing with peoples lives in a pandemic.

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