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Tina – Jul 25, 2020

I ordered the license plate cameras over a month ago and they still haven’t shipped. This is a fraudulent company and no one should purchase any of their products. I had Capital One reverse the charge and it is under dispute at this time. So far, I’ve gotten my money back and ordered a new card.

Brad – Jul 23, 2020

I have the same experience. False product description from what I received – no attempt to correct the problem. Only offered me a 5% refund.

Shawna – Jul 17, 2020

I received my woorte “wireless iphone camera” today. It appears I’ve been the victim of the same scam as the previous report by 10472.


Nicole – Jul 16, 2020

Victim Location 10472

Total money lost $65.95

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I purchased a license plate back-up camera for $65.95. It was solar powered, WiFi, Wireless full HD camera. The reason why I bought this camera was because I wanted a back-up camera but did not want to pay for wire installation or purchase an additional monitor dedicated to it on my car dash. I could easily install it with my license plate, connect the camera app to my phone and keep it moving.

However, the company sent me the regular license plate camera (only worth about $27) that needs installation and a separately purchased monitor to view it. The only power source was to connect it to your car. It did not have an attached solar panel nor did it come with WiFi features to connect to your mobile phone. When I reached out to them and asked for them to take the wrong product back and either give me the correct item or a full refund for their error, they said no to the shipping because it would cost them a lot of money and they was only going to give me 25% max refund even though it does not state that in their Return Policy. The only way to contact them is via email. They first tried to haggle me with the refund, which was initially 20% back. When I said no, they said 25% max. I still have not hear from them concerning this issue. They will not return any of my emails.

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