Whats Happening Local

Aaron – Aug 28, 2020

Victim Location 14219

Total money lost $2,115

Type of a scam Other

What’s Happening Local came to our Business selling us a contract that they would print flyers (over 1000) and distribute them to the Hamburg and South Buffalo areas. They charged our credit card in March for $2115.00. seeing this charge we thought flyers were coming, they didn’t, so we contacted the sales lady in April and asked for a refund because flyers weren’t going out until businesses could go back to work because of Covid we never spoke to anyone but the lady who sold us the contract and she told us we were going to receive as soon as they could be sent, at that time she told us they were not printed yet and we were guaranteed to receive. we contacted again in May got same response. We are now in August and businesses are up and running So we called the sales girl again and she said there is no business, there are no flyers and you are out your $2115.00. Trying to have the credit card company reverse the charges but there saying our time frame for a dispute is over the required days. I believe we were scammed because they never had any intention to fulfill there part of the contract and never made any attempt to contact us with a refund. I believe they played us out till they knew we couldn’t go back on them.

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