Vineland Pet Farms

Jessie – Sep 08, 2020

Victim Location 17855

Total money lost $850

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Searched online for a specific puppy breed. Found one available on a website in North Carolina offering free shipping due to "Covid" restrictions. Researched reviews and online legitimacy. No red flags. Proceeded to make contact with the seller via their website contact page at I recieved both an email and text message regarding the puppy in which I was interested. I was told it was still available and sent additional photos via text message. The seller then stated that if I was interested, to transfer $850 via the online "zelle" app or the

"Cash" app and they would then send me the contract. I said I would not transfer money until I had a contract from them. They sent me a contract with detailed information that I was to sign and return. I did this and then attempted to transfer the funds. Neither of the methods they wanted me to use worked for me, so I asked if I could transfer the funds via PayPal as I was familiar with the service and trusted it. They agreed and asked that I use the "transfer to friends/family" method since the business transactions charge fees and they had already offered a discount and free shipping on the puppy. I thought this was a reasonable request as I knew PayPal charged fees for business transactions so I obliged. They asked me to send a screen shot once the payment was made. I did. I was then asked when I wanted delivery to be scheduled as they claimed to contract with a specialized delivery service to transport the puppy to me within 72 hours of my specified date. I asked for delivery on Sept. 8, 2020. I communicated via text message between August 30 and September 8 to ask if everything was ok with the transaction and when I would recieved delivery/tracking information. I recieved a response that tracking info would be sent as soon as the puppy was delivered to the shipping service. I received this information via text message, but that there was now a "shipping insurance fee" required to be paid before they could release the puppy to it’s destination. I then checked into the shipping company information and came upon reports of the site being bogus and that it was a way to scam even more money from victims. The site is pretty bogus – employee photos of men have women’s names and the same stock photo has been used for several employees. I sent a message back to both the seller and the shipping company that I was not paying another cent as my contract indicated free shipping. Either refund the $850 or ship the puppy. I’ve gotten no response and as such am filing this complaint.

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