Corey – Feb 10, 2021

This scam pissed me off they tell you two days, no tracking infromation no product really helpful untill you give them money, you never get any thing and site always gets took down.

Yolanda – Feb 09, 2021

Definitely a scam. They will take your money

Philip – Feb 05, 2021

Vita dose is a 100% scam operation. They conned you into purchasing their products at discounted prices. Then once they receive your money that has been sent to them electronically. And no way to trace, they tell you that the shipment is on its way. Then within minutes you receive an email stating that it will cost you hundreds of dollars more for their fake shipping insurance. And when you complain about it they basically hold your product Ransom until you pay. Do not fall for this. Again this is 100% scam

Cody – Feb 16, 2021

Do you know of any legit companies to buy pills?

Caroline – Nov 27, 2020

Yes, this online company appears to be a scam as I feel like a victim
as well! Communication stops after initial purchase, site needs
to be SHUT DOWN! Please do not waste your time and money dealing
with this bogus online merchant!

Brendan – Mar 24, 2020

VIDA dose is definitely a scam. They had good communication until you send the money. Once you send the money they want 200-1000 for insurance through janibill. They will no longer message you or contact you once you send them the money. It is definitely a scam. Do not send them any money. Please do not waste your money or time dealing with It is a scam. You will never receive any product or get any money back.

Robin – Mar 24, 2020

Victim Location 95819

Total money lost $325

Type of a scam Online Purchase

this online scam offers to the public sales of illegal substances like this thing called liquid ecstasy. my friend ordered this online and for payment method they had to purchase a card thru egifter as well as purchase insurance for the item. after this place got their money all communication that my friend had with stopped. they provided him with a fake tracking number that shows his item is en route. however, its been en route since last month. is also an associated scam with vidadose as they are the ones who provided the tracking number

Michele –

The exact same thing happened to me. This company is a scam. Do not send them any money.

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