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Lindsey –

Victim Location 08230

Type of a scam Sweepstakes/Lottery/Prizes

got a call saying i have ebvolopm ret beaceuse nobody could sign for the package. i was the wining prize of $750,000.00 just waiting they said theey took out fed taxes but i needed to reg my state taxes of $1950.00 i said i didne have the the money. then the contacted the fed axe for relif, but i stilled owed $500.00 the wanted me to make a loan on my master card. i sai no . then i looked up the co and talked to a mr ed parone at 702-487-3779 he saoif i was a 2nd place winner for $950,000.00 and was goin to email me the papoer work to get the momey

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