Systems Protect aka: Cross Country Home Services

Luke –

Victim Location 91010

Type of a scam Home Improvement

I’m writing this on behalf of my Mom. My Mom received the attached letter after getting phone calls from this company claiming that she was going to be getting a Home Servicing Contract included as part of her home loan. She never asked for it! She was leery of this, particularly when she was told the person would be contracted out of Nebraska and she lives in California to get workers under the Contract. She refused it. Her mortgage had been recently bought by some new company after it had been bought prior by DiTech. When DiTech owned her mortgage, she had not liked it, as there would be calls for offers all of the time, including "duct cleaning" at $20. She didn’t fall prey to that either!

She always pays ahead on her mortgage, doubling the principal, and pays timely, so she started getting calls saying she wasn’t paying on time and needed to make a payment over the phone. She would hang up, call her bank that her mortgage check was drawn on, and then verify that she was on-time and there was nothing to worry about. Then, around Christmastime, she got this letter and was livid. She did not call them, but instead, decided she’d had enough, told me about it, and then called her bank to refinance her home directly from her bank.

I’m sharing this, as it is a company that is advertising for more workers, yet it hassles older adults on the phone and makes them afraid that they’ve not paid something when indeed, they never ordered it! Since it is tied to the mortgage of the person (somehow), it is a very shady operation that preys on those with good equity to instill fear that they would lose their home if they don’t pay what’s ‘overdue!’

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